Yet Another Airport Problem: 6 of America’s Longest Walks to the Gate

MAJOR US AIRPORTS You’ve been on a building frenzy lately, with so many “pardon our appearance” signs in terminals, you might feel compelled to pack a headset. Now that some of the biggest expansion projects are winding down, aviators are realizing that a good pair of track shoes could also come in handy. Depending on where your departing flight is parked, in some terminals the hike to reach it can be over a mile. When Salt Lake City International Airport revealed its stunning new terminal in 2020, the buzz was about the bright, art-filled spaces and, less stellar, the long walk to the doors. Some flyers took Twitter to complain; one user said it was like “having to train for a 5K just to get to my doorstep.” For the record, the longest boardwalk in SLC is about 2/3 of a mile, and more moving walkways are in the works. Below, find other US airports notable for their marathons.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Like its home country, DFW celebrates the great outdoors. The walk from the entrance via Terminal D to Terminal B is one of the longest airport hikes in the United States, clocking in at 2.16 miles. When athletic shoe company Kuru Footwear polled 1,000 customers on the most notorious airport marathons, DFW topped the list, although an airport tram offers a shortcut.

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