WSAZ interviews new CEO of W.Va. Yeager International Airport

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Dominique Ranieri previously worked for West Virginia’s Yeager International Airport for five years, but in recent days has stepped into a whole new role as executive director and CEO.

“I’m excited to play a role in the state’s busiest airport,” Ranieri said.

In the early days of its new role, the airport closed to repave the runway which has been unpaved for over 10 years. On Thursday, the new track was unveiled.

“Which means that from today we have a completely new track surface,” Ranieri said.

Dominique spoke about the airport’s short and long-term goals, including a new terminal and an extended runway.

“Behind me you see mockups that are a potential new terminal here at the airport,” Ranieri said. “We will move into the next phase of this study within the next thirty days and there will be an opportunity for public comment and participation and a very thorough study of any impact of what our proposed project would do, as well as alternatives. “

The improvement would bring the airport up to standard with FAA requirements. Ranieri said Yeager is currently operating under certain exceptions.

Ranieri said air service is the next biggest priority, which means West Virginians need to fly more out of Yeager and get more people flying.

“We’re really looking to add service to the northeast, especially New York,” Ranieri said. “We also got a small service development grant in Texas because that’s something we hear from the community.”

The airport’s airline tenants choose where and when they fly the routes they fly, but Ranieri said airport officials can also provide input into their community’s needs.

“The more passengers who use our service, the better the service we will have,” Ranieri said.

The terminal and runway projects are in the environmental study phase.

Ranieri said there will be an upcoming media day to talk about other plans for the airport.

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