Will this help reduce delays?

Manchester Airport’s Terminal 3 will fully reopen on April 22 in response to the rebound in travel demand following the UK’s lifting of Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Passengers traveling with Alderney, British Airways, Eastern Airways, Iberia Express, Loganair, Ryanair and Vueling will now check in at the entrance to Terminal 3. Arrivals at Manchester Airport will also exit the Terminal 3 building.

The move is part of the airport’s plan to reverse weeks of negative headlines around the airport after chaotic scenes of long queues, waits and baggage problems.

However, despite the complete reopening of Terminal 3, partially reopened since March 27, the airport still asks passengers to arrive three hours before their flight and to familiarize themselves with the security rules.


Many shops and bars in the terminals will also reopen on April 22. Photo: Manchester Airport

What happened at Manchester Airport?

Manchester Airport has seen a significant rebound in air passenger numbers in recent months.

The airport handled more than 1.1 million passengers in February, an increase of more than 1,300 percent from the same month a year ago.

However, the return in the number of passengers has been accompanied by growth difficulties, particularly in terms of staff.

The airport currently has hundreds of vacancies waiting to be filled and staffing issues at the airport and with third parties have resulted in poor service for many passengers.

The situation became so desperate that the airport was even forced to ask firefighters to help with baggage handling.

After this event, a Manchester Airport spokesperson said:

“Moving forward, we are working closely with all third parties to ensure they have the support and resources they need as the aviation industry continues to recover.”


Passengers will be welcomed from April 22. Photo: Manchester Airport

What is Manchester Airport’s plan?

After the airport’s chief executive resigned earlier this month, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham met with airport bosses.

In a statement after the meeting, Andy Burnham said:

“All airports have struggled to one degree or another with long queues caused by staffing issues resulting from the pandemic. But it is clear that Manchester have faced particular challenges.

He added that:

“First, while the airport has made strenuous efforts to recruit, more should have been done sooner.

Second, communications with pre- and arriving passengers should have been better, as should queue management.

The major revealed that the airport was increasingly resorting to overtime and hiring more staff to help manage queues.

The services of Transport for Greater Management staff were also offered to assist with queue management and communications.

The airport will also release more real-time information about security queues at the airport.

Manchester City Council owns a 35.5% stake in the airport.

Although the airport has been criticized for some of its responses, the major also acknowledged that many of the reasons for the delays are beyond the airport’s control.

It has been revealed that security checks take longer to process and this has an impact on recruitment.

220 agents have been recruited and are currently awaiting authorization, but the process is taking longer than usual.

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