Why you should always book a seat in the middle of the plane

A LOT of people think the front of the plane is the best place to sit, but the experts said you should stick to the middle of the plane.

Not only can it keep you from feeling sick, but it could be the safest place in an emergency.


Sitting in the middle can minimize motion sickness and make you feel saferCredit: Getty – Contributor

Cabin crew member and writer Kristie Koerbel revealed why it’s in an article for the New York Times, in which she explains the advantages of the airline medium.

She said: “Think of the plane as a seesaw: the wing is the most stable part.”

Mid-row seats in planes might not only feel more stable, but might actually be safer, according to statistical analysis.

The research carried out by the Aviation Safety Network analyzed 65 plane crashes and found which seats were the safest, based on survival rates.

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A middle row seat towards the rear of an aircraft was found to be the safest, with a fatality rate of 28% – compared to seats further forward which had a fatality rate of 44%.

An added benefit of sitting in the middle, near the fenders, is less motion sickness.

For those who don’t feel well during flights, the greater stability brought by the center of the plane could help calm an upset stomach.

A spokesperson for experts travel lens agree with advice.

They said: ‘Airsickness is very common and with many holidays coming up this year it’s important that people can enjoy it to the fullest without the added stress of feeling unwell on the plane.

“Generally the middle, wing and closer to the front of the plane are the best places to sit because that’s where the travel feels most stable.

In addition to choosing the right seats, Travel Lens also recommends consuming ginger before boarding a plane, with research suggesting it is beneficial for people who suffer from motion sickness.

They added: “Some studies have suggested that consuming ginger before flying can help stop feelings of nausea.

“Whether taken in supplement form, in raw form, or even in a can of ginger beer, it’s definitely worth a try.”

This former flight attendant has revealed which seats she thinks are the best on planes.

This is how you can always choose the best seats on a plane.

Flight attendants recommend sitting in the center of the plane


Flight attendants recommend sitting in the center of the planeCredit: Getty

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