Washington calls for improved internet service for local airport

With new companies taking off at the Mid-Delta Regional Airport such as Greenville Kearns Aerospace Maintenance, Inc, (GKAM), improving network infrastructure and internet access is imperative.

For this reason, Airport Manager Sam Washington sought approval from the Greenville City Council to update network lines and Internet access at Airport Hangar 450 at their last regular meeting. .

He recommended that AT&T be selected as the service provider as the airport seeks to upgrade all of its access points, both terminal and fixed operator, in pursuit of a successful Hangar 450 project. .

“We want to try to bring the whole airport to the same level so that once the project starts, if we have a breakdown in one place, we can just go to another place and we can continue until we solve this problem,” Washington explained.

C Spire quoted a price of $1,115 per month for the service while AT&T quoted a price of $1,054 per month for 36 months.

Since C Spire has a 96-month contract with Mississippi State, the city would be “free to sign up” if it wanted to, Washington pointed out.

However, AT&T’s installation would take no more than 45 days while C Spire would take between 90 and 120 days due to AT&T’s infrastructure already in place.

“That’s why they can do it much faster,” Washington noted.

Along with a much faster setup time, AT&T’s quote is $61 cheaper per month.

For the terminal and FBO, the airport would incur service charges of approximately $25,000 per year until the line is routed to other companies using it.

“It’s about running the service through the building and to a router in the building. For the terminal, we are already there, but what it will do is to ensure the service of each hangar, “still illustrated Washington.

The city’s IT manager, Keith Gann, said the airport needs updated lines and connectivity.

“This is a desperately needed upgrade for the airport,” Gann said, noting that the airport operates on a 10-megabyte circuit. “Even with AT&T’s circuit, it’s pretty difficult to do the business that we’re currently doing there.”

Washington noted, “In terms of data, it’s technology overload.”

An upgrade to 1 gig, he said, would serve the airport for a long time.

“The terminal is something that needs to be done 100%, there’s no doubt about that,” Gann added.

Regarding the hangars, Gann understands that once everything is connected to the airport terminal and the FBO, the infrastructure would allow anyone occupying and using a hangar to access the service at their own expense.

Currently, the FBO has its own AT&T connection.

Washington reiterated that the idea is basically to bring every operation at the airport up to speed because of the close working relationship each will have.

“So if we have a problem somewhere, we should be able to walk away from each other to help get things done,” he said.

The board voted to defer the matter until the next meeting to allow Washington to further investigate the proposed contracts.

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