Vyvianna Quinonez: Southwest flight attendant attack suspect charged


Vyvianna Quinonez

Vyvianna Quinonez is a woman accused in federal court of attacking a Southwest Airlines flight attendant so violently that her teeth were chipped.

She was indicted by the United States District Court for the Southern District of California with assault causing grievous bodily harm and interference with flight crew and flight attendants. Both are crimes. Her full name is Vyvianna M. Quinonez and she is from Sacramento, California.

You can read the federal complaint in full here. You can watch the viral video of the attack below. Charges were filed on September 1, 2021, although the incident occurred in May.

As a result of the assault, the flight attendant SL was taken to hospital and suffered serious bodily injuries. Her left eye was bruised and swollen, she sustained a cut under the left eye requiring four stitches, she had a finger-like bruise on her right forearm, and three of her teeth were chipped, two of which were were to be replaced by crowns.

Quinonez later claimed she “acted in self-defense”, complaint says

Here’s what you need to know:

The attack took place on a Southwest Airlines flight to San Diego

New video released: Passenger and Southwest flight attendant altercation on plane to San DiegoVyvianna Quinonez, 28, was arrested on Sunday morning and allegedly broke two of the flight attendant’s teeth in the incident.2021-05-26T23: 13: 12Z

According to the complaint, on May 23, 2021, Southwest Airlines Flight 700 was in flight between Sacramento International Airport and San Diego International Airport.

Quinonez is accused of assaulting a flight attendant known only as SL in court documents, causing her serious bodily harm.

The complaint accuses Quinonez of “assaulting and intimidating a flight crew member and flight attendant on Southwest Airlines Flight 700”, claiming that she “interfered with the member’s and flight attendant’s duties. ‘flight attendant”.

The probable cause statement indicates that Quinonez boarded the flight and was seated in an aisle seat in the last row. The victim was a Southwest flight attendant working in the back of the plane for the duration of the flight. At that time, federal rules and regulations required airplane passengers over the age of 2 to wear a face cover over their nose and mouth during the flight. Passengers also had to put away their tablets and speed up their seat belts for landing.

Susan Marie Stidham, who was a passenger on the flight, wrote on Facebook that the attack happened, “just because she was asked to put her seat belt back on.” I asked about the injured flight attendant on my flight home, and she was reportedly having a broken nose, injured face, and broken teeth. Someone can identify the criminal even if she is wearing a mask. Hoping they’ll give her a jail time and put her on the no-fly list.

The incident started with a flare-up, according to the complaint

An attendant was allegedly attacked by a passenger on a southwest flight from SacramentoA Southwest Airlines flight attendant was assaulted by a passenger and lost two teeth in the attack last weekend, according to a union president, who complained to the airline’s CEO about unruly passengers .2021-05-25T23: 46: 26Z

During the final descent from the plane, the complaint alleges that Quinonez unbuckled his seat belt and lowered his tablet.

SL approached her and asked her to fasten her seat belt and put her tablet away, but the complaint said, “Quinonez did not comply.” The flight attendant also asked Quinonez to wear her face mask properly, then returned to her jump seat for landing.

The complaint alleges that Quinonez started filming SL on his cell phone. SL again approached Quinonez who “pushed SL”

SL said, “You don’t push a flight attendant”, or words to that effect.

Around this time, another passenger on the plane began to film the interaction on his cell phone.

“Quinonez stood up and knowingly assaulted SL by intentionally hitting SL in the face and head with a closed fist and grabbing SL’s hair,” the complaint alleges.

Several other passengers attempted to stop Quinonez by grabbing his clothes and arm, and one passenger sitting a row in front of Quinonez in the middle seat across the aisle jumped between Quinonez and SL and asked Quinonez to sit.

Quinonez is originally from Antelope, Calif., And studied at Sierra College and California State University-Sacramento, according to his LinkedIn profile. She worked as a waiter in a restaurant in Sacramento.

Passenger misconduct incidents are a problem

VideoVideo related to vyvianna quinonez: Southwest airline flight attendant attack suspect charged2021-09-04T10: 35: 12-04: 00

According to NBC 7 San Diego, attacks on flight attendants are on the rise.

“Sadly, this is just one event among many,” Lyn Montgomery, president of Transport Workers Union Local 556, told the television station.

Between April 8 and May 15, 2021, there were 477 incidents of passenger misconduct on planes in the Southwest, Montgomery told NBC 7.

“The passenger repeatedly ignored standard in-flight instructions and became verbally and physically abusive on landing,” airline spokesman Chris Mainz told the TV station.

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