US authorities warn of drone theft over national laboratory | Regional

LOS ALAMOS, NM (AP) – Drone pilots are wary.

Authorities at one of the country’s main nuclear weapons laboratories warned on Monday that the airspace above the Los Alamos National Laboratory was prohibited.

Home of the atomic bomb, the Los Alamos laboratory has reported that recent unauthorized drone flights have been detected in the region’s restricted airspace.

Officials have said that if you fly a drone over the lab, you will likely lose it.

“We can detect and track a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), and if it poses a threat, we have the ability to disrupt control of the system, seize or exercise control, confiscate or use reasonable force to disable, damage or destroy the UAS, ”said Unica Viramontes, senior director of laboratory security.

The lab did not disclose details of how the system works, citing safety protocols. They also wouldn’t say how many unauthorized thefts have taken place in recent months.

Lab officials also warned of the potential for “collateral interceptions” of normal commercial or amateur drone flights, saying pilots should stay well outside the lab’s restricted airspace and additional free area. drones designated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to the FAA, drones are prohibited from flying over sites designated as sensitive facilities for national security. In addition to military bases and other Ministry of Defense sites, restrictions are in place for national monuments and some critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants.

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