United Express flight attendant accused of accepting cash bribes for failing to enforce mask warrant

A flight attendant working on a United Express flight to Houston is accused of accepting cash bribes from passengers for failing to enforce the federal mask warrant. The controversial mandate was due to expire on Tuesday, but President Biden last month ordered the Transportation Security Administration to extend the mask rules until January 18, 2022, citing rising rates of COVID-19 infection as main reason.

On Monday, a passenger on United Express flight UA6063 from Charleston claims the flight attendant working in the first class cabin accepted a cash bribe from a passenger “for failing to enforce the federal mask mandate THE ENTIRE FLIGHT ”.

Speaking to Twitter, Megan Rose posted photos of a passenger apparently handing what appears to be a dollar bill to the flight attendant. The flight was operated by Phoenix-based Mesa Air, which provides regional service to United Express, as well as American Eagle. The flight attendant is employed by Mesa and not by United Airlines.

United Airlines introduced a strict face mask policy long before the introduction of the federal mask mandate, and the carrier requires all customers two years of age and older to wear a mask at all times on board its planes.

Passengers can remove their masks while eating and drinking, but official United policy states that passengers must continue to wear their masks “between bites and sips.”

In a photo posted on Twitter, passengers aboard the United Express flight appear unmasked while holding glasses of wine.

Ms Rose also claims that the flight attendant “served and provided take-out alcohol” to passengers accused of offering the “bribe”. United quickly reached out to Megan, saying they wanted to “take a closer look.”

United and Mesa Air have been contacted for comment.

Alcohol and the mask’s warrant were cited as two of the top reasons for an increase in unruly passenger incidents since the start of the year, leading the FAA to impose more than $ 1 million in penalties. civilians to disruptive passengers.

United largely avoided the worst of problems, and airlines continue to offer alcohol in every cabin. Last week, Southwest said it would delay resuming resumption of onboard alcohol sales until the federal mask mandate is lifted.

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