Ukrainian airline SkyUp drops ‘conservative’ skirts and heels for a new look


Alexandrina Denysenko, a senior flight attendant with seven years of experience, says she sometimes doesn’t have a free minute to sit on a flight and dreams of resting her swollen legs after spending hours in wear heels.

SkyUp Airlines, the private Ukrainian airline that employs Denysenko, has decided to end pencil heels and skirts after collecting comments from flight attendants on their uniforms.

The new SkyUp women’s uniform now includes white Nike sneakers and a loose orange suit with silk pants and scarf, both made by Ukrainian brands. White t-shirts will replace blouses.

“Heels are nice, I don’t dispute that, but the feet suffer and swell at the end of the flight. The sneakers are absolutely cool,” Denysenko told Reuters.

“God forbid, but if a crew has to land in the water and evacuate, the heels can damage the ladder and it won’t be very comfortable to swim in a skirt,” she said.

The company said it had researched the history of cabin crew uniforms and decided to drop what it called the “conservative” elements of a flight attendant’s appearance. Braids will now replace a tight bun or ponytail hairstyle.

“We found that despite the fact that the image of a flight attendant is very romanticized, their job requires a lot of physical training,” said Marianna Grygorash, head of the marketing department of SkyUp Airlines.

The new uniform will officially launch on October 22.

Grygorash said the company is also planning to launch a new uniform for the male crew. A light suit instead of a vest and a t-shirt instead of a shirt will be combined with black Nike sneakers.

“If the whole world and all the fashionistas are wearing sneakers, why not bring it into aviation? said flight attendant Zoryana.


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