TSA Officials Commemorate 20th Anniversary of Federalization of Albany International Airport – troyrecord

COLONY, NY – Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials recently commemorated the 20th anniversary of the federalization of Albany International Airport (ALB).

Albany International Airport was launched under TSA security oversight 20 years ago this weekend, September 4, 2002, when the security checkpoint was first staffed with Federal TSA agents one year after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA) came into effect in November 2001, officially establishing the TSA. That fall, TSA had about 100 people working at folding tables in the basement of the Department of Transportation’s national office. Twenty years later, there are 430 federalized airports and a workforce of approximately 60,000 employees nationally. TSA has over a hundred employees assigned to Albany. Twenty members of the TSA workforce have worked at ALB since the airport was federalized and are in the process of being recognized.

“The Transportation Security Administration was established 20 years ago, approximately one year after the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001,” said Bart R. Johnson, TSA Director of Federal Security for Toronto International Airport. Albany and 12 other airports located throughout the state. “The TSA’s mission is to protect our nation’s transportation system by overcoming a threat that has evolved since 9/11.”

From the initial federalization as a TSA airport 20 years ago to the present day, “the TSA team here in Albany has focused on this mission every day and executes it using equipment cutting-edge by a professional and well-trained workforce to prevent another terrorist attack from happening,” Johnson said.

“I consider myself very fortunate to work with such a dedicated group of TSA employees. We are also fortunate to have forged such strong partnerships with the Albany County Airport Authority, airlines and the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, which has further strengthened and improved our security posture,” Johnson said.

“The Transportation Security Administration continues to provide a high level of security procedures that are critical to the safety of our travelers, our airlines, our employees, and the safe operation of Albany International Airport,” said Philip Calderone, CEO of the Albany County Airport Authority. .

In the years since its launch, the TSA has developed and implemented strong security procedures, built up a well-trained and highly skilled professional workforce, and introduced a wide range of advanced technologies to screen passengers. , baggage and freight.

Guided by an intelligence-based approach, the TSA is today at the forefront of security technology and innovation. Technologies such as CT scans, credential authentication technology, and advanced imaging technology have dramatically improved the TSA’s identity detection and verification capabilities in a way that the original group of TSA employees could have imagined just 20 years ago.

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