TSA installs x-ray scanners at AB Won Pat International Airport in Guam

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has completed the installation of two new X-ray scanners at the security checkpoint at AB Won Pat International Airport (GUM) in Guam. The scanners are used to check the hand luggage of travelers leaving the GUM.

This type of scanner uses computed tomography (CT) technology and offers advanced explosives detection capabilities by applying a sophisticated algorithm to generate a 3D image of the contents of the hand luggage. A security screening officer can manipulate the on-screen 3D x-ray image to allow a better view of the contents of the bag, reducing the number of bag checks required.

“The installation of the CT scanners will improve our detection capabilities at the security checkpoint. This is another tool provided to TSA agents in the day-to-day performance of their important transportation security mission,” said TSA Director of Federal Security Pacific Nanea Vasta. “On behalf of the local TSA team, I would like to thank GUM management for their support and assistance during the equipment installation process. We appreciate the patience of all of our stakeholders as we continue to invest in and improve safety at GUM.

When a carry-on is checked by a CT scanner, travelers can leave everything in their carry-on, including electronic devices larger than a cell phone and food. Another requirement of the CT scan system is that each carry-on bag must be placed in a bin for screening.

The TSA plans to install five additional CT scanners at the GUM security checkpoint over the next few weeks. Currently, more than 500 CT scanners are deployed at 180 airports in the United States.

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