Travelers at Manchester Airport ‘weep eyes’ over 2.30am text messages canceling holiday

The past few weeks and months have been punctuated by continued chaos at a number of airports across the country, with holidaymakers seeing massive queues, delays, lost luggage and cancellations.

Vacationers woke up to text messages canceling their holidays on the day they were planning to travel

Holidaymakers hoping to travel via Manchester Airport received texts at 2.30am from TUI canceling their holiday amid ongoing ‘carnage’ at the terminals.

Travelers were devastated after waking up to messages from the airline informing them of canceled flights on the day they were due to depart.

Passengers at the airport faced massive three-hour waits for luggage and huge queues, Manchester Evening News reported.

Frustrated passengers hoped to get away for the mid-term weekend and public holidays, but instead found themselves stuck in queues.

A number of furious Britons took to social media to express the chaos as TUI announced they were cutting nearly 200 flights from Manchester Airport over the next month, but declined to say which .

Queues at Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport this morning



A woman said she felt like ‘crying her eyes out’ after waking up to a message from TUI.

Jodie Frankland said this morning: “Waking up to an email saying our holiday has been canceled!! I could literally cry my eyes out @manairport @TUIUK.”

Jules Kendrick also received an early morning message regarding his canceled trip. “@manairport @TUIUK We are flying out on Sunday and received an email at 4am this morning to cancel,” she said.

Councilor Pat Karney described the situation as a “mess” as he too fell victim to the cancellations. He tweeted a photo of an email sent to him at 2:50 a.m.

Along with this, those who hadn’t canceled their holidays found themselves stuck for hours in line trying to check in their bags and get through security.

At around 4am this morning, Simon Stones shared a photo of a huge queue stretching across the Terminal 1 car park.

Passengers called the airport a ‘carnage’ and a ‘mess’



He said it took him around two hours and 40 minutes to check his bag with EasyJet and then clear security.

“Another carnage this morning (4am) at @manairport T1… Didn’t even make it to the building this time!” he tweeted.

Queues at Manchester Airport this morning



Greg McCaw also reported long queues in Terminal 3. He said: “Terminal 3 at @manairport Endless queues, no place to sit, overcrowded. How could this terminal operate in case of emergency?”

Jaymeleigh McCarroll shared video of a crowded baggage claim room around 4:45 a.m. She described the scenes as an “absolute mess” with luggage left on the floor.

At around 2.30am, @RuinousHugh said he had been waiting for two hours to collect his luggage at Terminal 1. ‘Why the hell can’t you sort this out?’ he tweeted at Manchester Airport.

Philip Bennett also tweeted a picture of a crowded baggage claim room in Terminal 3. He said: “Baggage claim from Manchester Airport Terminal 3. 3:15 a.m. People waiting over 3 hours for luggage. Shocking. Not an employee in sight. Welcome to Britain.”

Most affected flights so far appear to be TUI


AFP via Getty Images)

It has unfortunately been an increasingly common picture for Britons trying to leave a number of airports in recent weeks and months.

Huge queues, cancellations and delays have become almost frequent.

TUI has been approached for comment.

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