Travel news: The best and worst of airlines and airports

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(CNN) — Happy new season! Depending on your hemisphere, the fall or spring equinox has just passed (here the science about it), but if you don’t like pumpkin spice or chilly nights, you still have the option of traveling the world.

Here’s this week’s travel news so you can start planning.

The ups and downs of aviation

However, a study published on Wednesday found that airline passenger satisfaction was plummeting in North America, and an East Coast airport leaves customers more unhappy than most.
This same airport (okay, it’s Newark!) was the worst US airport for cancellations this summer, but if you want to know who was in the bad books globally, look to Canada for the world leaders in delays.
An American regional airline controversial proposal Tackling the global pilot shortage by reducing the number of hours needed to become a co-pilot was slapped Monday by the Federal Aviation Administration.
And Southwest Airlines made an outrageous move when it surprised a flight full of passengers to Hawaii by handing out ukuleles to everyone and imposing an impromptu beginner’s lesson. Yes, you heard us correctly. The Amtrak rail company was quick to troll the airline on Twitter.

Unlock Asia

At the World Airline Awards on Friday, Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted told the audience that the industry was being boosted by “pent-up demand for travel” but we “just have to see a few borders open up. “.

In Asia, the most cautious continent when it comes to Covid-19 policies, it is finally starting to happen. Japan has select a date to reopen to mass tourism next month, and on September 26, Hong Kong remove international quarantine after more than two years.

Inspired Destinations

To paraphrase Jean-Paul Sartre, travel is heaven, but hell is other people. If you want to head to this great spot but with smaller crowds, check out our list of 22 of the most underrated destinations in the United States.
And in Europe, the big capitals are rightly celebrated, but you can also get your fill of stunning architecture and rich authentic culture in the continent’s many small towns. Here are some of the the most beautiful.
If paradise islands surrounded by azure waters are your thing – and who among us can say they aren’t – you might be happy to hear that the South Pacific archipelago of Fiji and the nation two islands of St. Kitts and Nevis have both moved down to the “moderate” risk category on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s travel advisory list. Check out the latest here.


A surfer in Santa Cruz, California has his ride cut short when an otter jumps on his board and refuses to give it up. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports.

Why swim when you know how to ride a bike? A Californian surfer recently had his diverted board by an otter eager to catch some waves. This is after an Argentinian paddleboarder got thrown into the water last month after being surrounded by a pod of whales.

In case you missed it

It spawned hop-loving events around the world, but in Malaysia, religious groups are asking for a ban.

There was a dramatic increase in demand for flights from Moscow on Wednesday.

Many Russians were want to run away the “partial mobilization” of the country’s citizens.
And a mechanical failure forced a United Airlines flight to make a emergency landing in New Jersey.

The entire “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” podcast series is now available on CNN Audio and Apple Podcasts.

The latest episode — Bourdain’s personal trip to New York’s Lower East Side — dropped on Monday. listen now.

Sitting in style

When it comes to camping chairs, the holy grail is finding something comfortable, durable, lightweight, and stylish. Our partners at CNN Underscored, a guide to CNN-owned product reviews and recommendations, have selected 22 of the best on the market to accompany you in your quest.

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