The two drinks you should always order on a flight – and the one to avoid

There’s more to think about when ordering a drink on a plane than you might initially think.

Some drinks will dehydrate you, some will taste different than they normally would, and some are just plain bad for your health.


Experts recommend drinking water and ginger ale in flight, while avoiding tomato juiceCredit: Getty – Contributor

However, there is one drink that experts suggest is the best drink to order during a flight.

It’s a ginger ale – and for a number of reasons.

First, according to Travel + Leisureginger ale is the tastiest drink to have in flight.

Taste buds changing on an airplane due to both dry air and cabin pressure.

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But ginger ale will retain its taste much longer than other drinks, making it one of the best choices on the cart.

Ginger ale is also good for medicinal purposes, as it is often drunk when he gets motion sickness because ginger can reduce feelings of nausea.

Nutritionist Lauren Grosskopf told Travel + Leisure: “Ginger helps ease upset stomachs with nervous flyers.”

Another beverage that retains its flavor well in the air is tomato juice, which is why bloody marys are often drunk on flights.

However, the juice used to make the salty cocktail won’t do you any good according to flight attendants, who say you should avoid the drink.

Andrea Song works as cabin crew for Aamerican airlines and claims that the high salt content of tomato juice mixers can lead to swelling.

She said: “I always avoid foods high in sodium in the days leading up to travel because joints, especially the legs, feet and ankles, tend to swell from this food group.

“When flying, I also avoid this food group and advise avoiding tomato juice at all costs. I say this because a Bloody Mary mix contains 12 times more sodium than a soft drink.”

She continued: “In addition to avoiding sodium, I also make sure to be well hydrated the days before the flight and to continue to stay hydrated throughout the duration of the flight.”

It is very important to stay hydrated, as the air in the cabin dehydrates us much faster than usual, which is why most experts recommend drinking only water.

It can not only prevent you from feeling thirsty, but also help you avoid jet lag.

A flight attendant says you should drink a certain amount of water for every few hours in the air.

The crew member, who works for Air France, told travel money specialist Equals: “As flight attendants, the medical staff tell us that we have to drink a liter of water every the four hour flight.”

She added: “I would definitely tell passengers to drink plenty of water.”

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Meanwhile, this passenger has revealed her hack to get three glasses at a time during a flight.

This passenger explained how many glasses passengers are allowed to have on airplanes.

Flight attendants are advised to drink water at regular intervals during flights


Flight attendants are advised to drink water at regular intervals during flightsCredit: Getty

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