The mask mandate continues for all public transport | News

MADISON (WKOW) — With Dane County’s mask mandate a thing of the past, people boarding planes, buses, taxis and other public transportation still face federal requirements that mandate masks .

A Transportation Security Administration order executing the warrant expires March 18, but it could be extended. The federal rules were imposed early in President Biden’s term.

“The mask requirement remains in place and we will continue to assess the length of the requirement in consultation with the CDC (Centers For Disease Control),” TSA spokeswoman Alexa Lopez told The Washington Post. .

Madison Metro officials say the bus system continues to reinforce to riders the need to hide through outdoor electronic signs on buses, passenger alerts on a subscription service and social media.

Bus driver Elvis Green says he has encountered reluctance from passengers to mask up, but has seen the trend for compliance increase during the pandemic.

“People started getting sick and they’re taking it more seriously,” Green said.

The mask mandate involving public transportation has led to a wave of disputes on planes, with the Federal Aviation Administration seeing a record number of complaints about unruly passengers. FAA officials say the majority of reports of in-flight friction are mask-related. The FAA has proposed over $1 million in fines related to passenger behavior.

Federally required masking extends to airport terminals and facilities.

Passengers 27 News spoke to at Dane County Regional Airport said they accept the continued requirement affecting public transportation, even as Dane County and their home sites relax mandates.

“The Utah State Legislature basically dropped all of the requirements,” Salt Lake City airline passenger Camden Moore told 27 News. “That’s pretty lax.”

Moore says keeping your mask on for an Uber ride or a bus ride seems appropriate. “I don’t really mind.”

If the federal rules expire later this month, public transportation providers will have to modify their own pandemic health and safety policies. Union Cab driver Dale Munger says that while a mask continues to be required or recommended for passengers, he doesn’t expect complaints.

“I have never seen a passenger refuse to wear a mask,” says Munger.

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