The Heber Planning Commission holds a public hearing on the uses of buildings in the airport area

After hearing feedback from people, the planning commission is to vote on how it handles potential storage facilities, child care centers and gas pumps built there.

Commission Chairman Dennis Gunn said the hearing was not a reaction to specific demands in the Airport Zone, which accounts for the vast majority of Industrial Zones-I and -II. Instead, the city is reviewing its building rules around the city piece by piece, and people can use public hearings to share their ideas about the city’s future.

“So we pretty much have a public hearing at every planning commission meeting,” Gunn said. “This is an opportunity for you to come talk to people who are trying to make these tough decisions about how to run your community. That’s what we want – we’d love to hear from you.

Some proposed code changes would require large buildings, child care centers and storage sheds to obtain conditional use permits. Gunn said it gives the city more control over projects.

City officials, like airport manager Travis Biggs, also asked residents to share ideas for potential businesses and attractions they’d like to see at the airport.

The meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. at Heber Town Hall, 75 North Main Street. To attend via Zoom, visit Gunn invites people to send him comments via email at [email protected]

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