The airport is part of a busy schedule

The Santa Barbara City Council will review the airport master plan, new police station, firefighter salaries, and more.

City of Santa Barbara staff recommends that the city council authorize Santa Barbara Airport to perform a contract worth more than $919,000 with Mead and Hunt Inc. for master planning services.

Santa Barbara Airport Master Plan Update. Proceed with final design plans for a new three-story police station and associated parking structure. Increase the salaries of firefighters. And install more than 90 new charging stations for electric vehicles in nine cities.

These and other topics are on the Santa Barbara City Council agenda today.

The meeting begins at 2 p.m. in the Santa Barbara City Hall Council Chamber, 735 Anacapa St.

In their update to the airport’s master plan, staff recommend that the board authorize the airport to perform a contract worth more than $919,000 with Mead and Hunt Inc. for master planning services. Staff also recommends authorizing the airport manager to approve expenditures of up to nearly $92,000 for additional services that may result from necessary changes in the scope of work.

Santa Barbara Airport completed its last airport master plan in 2017, staff said, noting that the Federal Aviation Administration encourages updating airport master plans every five to 10 years to s ensure that the document meets current and anticipated needs.

The FAA also believes that updates are necessary to reflect changes in conditions and operations.

“Since 2017, SBA has experienced healthy growth and change in commercial aircraft, from regional jets to widebody aircraft,” staff said in their report to the board. “This master plan update will provide updated aviation forecasts and necessary capital improvements for the next 20 years” for the airfield, terminal buildings and landside facilities, they said.

After conducting a thorough selection process based on qualifications, staff recommended that the board award a contract to the top-rated company, Mead and Hunt, Inc., to provide the master plan update.

Plans are for the update to be completed in about 18 months.

The airport master plan update will be discussed in the middle of the agenda.

Towards the end of its meeting, board members will consider staff’s recommendation to award an architectural and design services contract for the police station project and adopt a final mixed negative statement following a required environmental review of the project.

The Santa Barbara Police Department’s current headquarters is at 215 E Figueroa St. Today, the Santa Barbara City Council is due to consider staff’s recommendation to designate the commuter parking lot at 601 Santa Barbara St. as the final location of the new police station.

The board is also asked to designate the commuter parking lot at 601 Santa Barbara St. as the final location for the new police station.

If passed, the resolution will authorize the Director of Public Works to execute a contract with Cearnal Collective, LLP, pay the company more than $4.5 million for design services and approve expenditures of up to $368 $000 and more for additional services that may result from changes in scope of work.

A draft mitigated negative statement has been prepared analyzing the potential environmental effects of the proposed police station project, staff said. “Mitigation measures to reduce potentially significant impacts to less than significant levels have been identified.”

The draft statement was available for review during the 30-day public comment period and the Planning Board public hearing. No member of the public wished to speak at the hearing and two written comments were received. An additional letter from the public was received during the 30-day public comment period, along with a letter from the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District.

The final mixed negative statement before council concludes that ‘no significant environmental impact would result from the project’, staff said, adding that with its adoption by council, ‘the project is ready to proceed to the final phase of services of architecture and design”. .”

The project includes the demolition of existing suburban land and the construction of a new three-story, approximately 53-foot-tall, approximately 64,000 square-foot police station and associated 37.5 feet high, approximately 84,000 square feet. -ground floor parking structure that can accommodate 236 parking spaces – 128 spaces for police department fleet vehicles and 108 spaces for employee vehicles.

Each structure will have an underground level and emergency service antennas will be installed on the roof of the parking structure. Eight additional surface parking spaces for vehicles and four parking spaces for bicycles will be made available to visitors.

The grading includes the removal and export of 22,000 cubic yards of material. A total of 23 Tipuana Tipu trees and 12 oak trees will be felled, while nine Tipuana Tipu trees will be protected.

The existing Metropolitan Transit District bus shelter on Cota Street will be relocated further down Cota Street. Existing plaques commemorating the former Lincoln School will also be moved and incorporated into the project.

At the start of their meeting, council members will discuss a draft ordinance ratifying a three-year interim pact negotiated between the city and the City of Santa Barbara Firefighters Association calling for $1 general wage increases. .5% as of July 30 of this year. and 3% as of July 30, 2023.

To stay competitive with comparable agencies, city negotiators also agreed to limited certification pay and longevity pay, staff said. “These professional certifications are obtained through various courses and/or training and provide important training elements that can benefit residents of the city of Santa Barbara and the Central Coast.”

These new certifications include an increase in compensation for emergency medical technicians in defibrillation and the addition of compensation for professional certifications in urban search and rescue and water rescue.

City negotiators also agreed to increased vacation hours for June 16 and Veterans Day.

Additionally, negotiators between the city and the association’s bargaining unit have agreed to provide all fire department employees with a voluntary medical exam on an annual basis, staff said. This program is intended to ensure that fire department personnel have an appropriate level of health and/or physical fitness to perform the essential functions of their job. The program was previously limited based on the availability of funds.

The cost of the agreement in fiscal year 2023 is estimated to be $592,951 for the general fund and $80,857 for the enterprise fund, for a citywide total of $673,808. The financial impact of the memorandum of understanding entered into by the city firefighters and the association was greater than assumed in the city administrator’s recommended budget for fiscal year 2023 and projected for fiscal year 2024 and beyond, staff noted.

The recommended budget for FY2023 calls for the use of $1.3 million in General Fund reserves, as well as $1 million in expenditure reduction targets, to balance the budget. The impact of the memorandum of understanding will result in the need to use additional reserves, staff said. Staff will also incorporate financial impacts into the budget development process for the next fiscal plan for fiscal year 2024-25.

Also at the start of their meeting, board members will discuss passing an order authorizing an agreement with Carbon Solutions Group EV, LLC for an additional 92 electric vehicle charging stations in addition to the 66 already in service, with the possibility to add more up to a total of 258 charging stations.

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