Sydney airport delays continue amid Easter holiday chaos

Passengers waiting to fly out for an Easter holiday at Sydney Airport again face chaos with long queues inside the domestic terminal.

The lack of staff and the start of school holidays forced some passengers to wait at least two hours to pass the security check.

Qantas boss Alan Joyce told Today that COVID is having a huge impact on staffing levels.

Queues at Sydney Airport continued for a fourth day. (Nine)

“Right now sick leave, absenteeism is double the level of reserves,” Mr Joyce said.

“You have 15% of cabin crew typically on standby on standby, where you get up to 30% of people who don’t show up due to COVID or close contacts.

“Managing this, we ask people to give us patience. We apologize for this again.”

Mr Joyce said changing the rules for close contact this week should help improve the situation.

‘I walked through the airport on Wednesday and people forget they have to get their laptops out and they have to get their spray cans out,’ Mr Joyce said yesterday.

“So it takes longer to get through the queue.”

Over the weekend, Qantas carried 350,000 people on 2,800 flights, Mr Joyce said.

“Next weekend we’re going to fly half a million people on Qantas and Jetstar and we’re going to put as many staff as we can at the airports to help people through that process.”

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