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Australian heavy-load drone delivery and logistics company Swoop Aero has been granted over-line-of-sight (BVLOS) clearance to transport medical supplies into the northeastern state of Queensland.

Just a week after the Melbourne-based company formalized its humanitarian supplies distribution partnership with UAVaid in Sierra Leone, Swoop Aero said it had been cleared to make deliveries of medical supplies by BVLOS drone by the Australian Authority. Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The operation will aim to increase access to medicines and other essential health products to some of Queensland’s most remote communities.

The company will begin this business later this month at the local airport in Goondiwindi, a town on the state’s southern border with New South Wales. As a fully integrated operator of drones in the airspace of the region, Swoop Aero will be able to organize automated deliveries of medical supplies by drones to peripheral areas while maintaining total safety of air traffic from other aircraft.

CASA’s authorization of BVLOS flights gives the green light to a project that Swoop Aero began planning in February, with partners in the healthcare sector. The launch of these drone deliveries of medical supplies right now is all the more important given the flooding and other extreme weather events that Goondiwindi and much of South Queensland have suffered.

“These operations will quickly connect patients in the Australian region to medical supplies and equipment, including in emergency situations,” said Daniel Scandar, Australian operations manager for Swoop Aero. “Currently, the region is facing flooding and participating beneficiaries who would traditionally be isolated have access to essential supplies on demand. We can also close the circle of telehealth for rural patients by providing on-demand medical logistics by air. “

The BVLOS approval for long distance travel is associated with an authorization to make drone deliveries of “dangerous goods”, which include many essential medical supplies. As such, the development is a major milestone for Swoop Aero in its home market, following a string of commercial successes abroad.

“Today is a milestone for Swoop Aero,” says Eric Peck, CEO and co-founder of the company. “CASA’s approvals will see the launch of the Swoop Aero drones right here in Australian skies. Our approvals are a testament to our strong regulatory experience overseas, our operational excellence in over 10,000 BVLOS assignments in a number of countries, and our strong operating procedures.

The news follows an agreement reached in October between the company and aerospace composites maker Quickstep to build the next generation of autonomous freighter Swoop Aero KITE. When the $ 1.5 million production run delivers the first autonomous delivery drones, the revamped KITE drones will carry maximum payloads of 5 kilograms at top speeds of 200 km / h over a single charge range of 180 kilometers. .

KITE drones are currently seeking certification from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate in the United States.

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