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Former flight attendant Celina Bedding said that when it comes to packing, “for me, what works best is folding the clothes as if you were putting them in a drawer”.

Celina explained that whenever she goes on vacation or travels for work, she always tries to “make clothes as square and rectangular as possible.”

Travelers should fold and place their clothes in the suitcase as if it were a drawer and always “follow the shape of the suitcase and squeeze them before building another layer”.

The stewardess continued: “You will notice gaps between the clothes and the edges of the suitcase.

“In those areas, I’ll roll up an item of clothing that I don’t mind being wrinkled,” she explained.

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This hack is very useful “to save the maximum space”. Simply place clothes or small accessories in the gaps, such as pajamas, socks or underwear.

“Make the whole pile of clothes as sturdy as possible!” Celina recommended.

“The best advice when it comes to packing” according to the stewardess is to “never put anything valuable, irreplaceable or money in the suitcase you are going to ship”.

Travelers should avoid placing cash and valuables in their checked baggage as they are often lost or damaged.


“Instead, put them in your hand luggage because they stay with you all the time,” Celina advised.

The crew member added that she always goes on trips with extra plastic bags and “nice cloth bags you can buy online” to store her dirty clothes. It’s “another good tip so they don’t mix with clean clothes,” she said.

In a video Celina shared on social media, she advised putting “the clothes you plan to wear for the first few days of your trip” in the hand luggage, in case the suitcase gets lost.

She also recommended packing items that “you’re attached to and don’t want to lose” in your carry-on. It can be “irreplaceable things such as documents or old photos”.

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Also place items that could break in the carry-on bag, “like gifts you bought for your loved ones.”

Celina said she always had moisturizer and thermal water spray on her because “after so many hours on the plane, the skin becomes very dry”.

Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz added that if despite all of this advice, vacationers need more space for their stuff, they can use the “laptop bag packing hack.”

He revealed that travelers can “carry more” by carrying a laptop case with them as they can be carried “in addition to a cabin bag” and airlines will “never check them”.

Miguel explained, “Just wrap some of your clothes around the laptop. Or put other heavier items in the laptop bag.

“It’s not only a great way to carry more, but also great for avoiding baggage fees for overweight baggage.”

Indeed, “the laptop case is never weighted and you can always fit some of your stuff in there,” he said.

The crew member added, “Plus, if your checked baggage is lost, you’ll have spare clothes and underwear. And you won’t even need to carry a laptop!” Miguel revealed.

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