Stuttgart is the latest addition to the future German urban air mobility network

What do Germany, Florida and Brazil have in common? Maybe a lot, but one of the most important is a future air mobility network that will allow high-speed, quiet and emission-free flights. Munich-based Lilium has successfully established future routes in these three countries for its electric jet.

Lilium had announced 14 locations in Florida for its future air mobility network and a recent partnership with Brazilian airline Azul and is now adding another strategic hub to its planned network in Germany. The airline has planned electric flight hubs in the west of the country, at Cologne / Bonn and Düsseldorf airports, as well as in the southern region, at Munich and Nuremberg. Stuttgart is the latest addition to this route.

In addition to the development of an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet, Lilium has also conducted several studies regarding locations, infrastructure and airspace integration in recent years. The aim of these extensive networks in Germany is to offer fully electric connections that will allow passengers in every region to travel quickly and comfortably, at prices similar to those of conventional means of transport.

Thanks to the latest addition, the Lilium jet will connect passengers from Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremberg with neighboring cities and regions.

The project is also encouraged by local authorities, which undertake to support innovative air mobility programs. Dr Florian Stegmann, Minister of State and Head of State Chancellery of Baden-Württemberg, announced that the Bavarian state government intends to invest more than $ 100 million (100 million d ‘euros) in research and development programs related to urban air mobility, in the coming years.

The Lilium Jet, an eVTOL with a range of 155 miles (125 km) and a cruising speed of 175 mph (280 km / h), is currently in the process of being certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Electric flight operations are expected to start in 2024.

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