Stewardess forced to sleep in her CAR with two dogs

Two dogs in a car. Credit: Robert Hackett/

A flight attendant claims she is sleeping in her car with two dogs because she cannot find accommodation for them and her NINE other animals.

Grisselle Crovetto spent her life between the cities of Madrid and Malaga when working and resting respectively.

In the capital, she stayed with a friend, while on the coast, she rented a house which she shared with her seven cats and four dogs.

But today, with a just-ended ERTE – Spain’s temporary work regulatory regime – she lives in her car parked at a petrol station in Manilva, reports Niusdiario.

She claims that after a long journey she was unable to enter the Malaga property and says she reported it to the Civil Guard.

“I was still paying the real estate agent and I had a contract,” says Grisselle.

But while being effectively homeless is a frightening prospect, for Grisselle her main concern is her animals – all 11 of them.

She has since managed to find shelter for all her cats, and one of her dogs, Dobby, is in a foster home. Barbie and Lightning sleep with her in the car.

“Until I find a place where they can be, I can’t leave them alone,” she explains.

Heartbreakingly, she says her other dog, Samantha, ran away when they became homeless. Grisselle says she was spotted by neighbors prowling around her old home, but has yet to be found.

Grisselle parks her car at a gas station and spends her day looking for shade for her animals.

“I try to keep the dogs out of the sun,” she explains.

To cool off, she says she uses the facilities at the gas station or, if she’s lucky, she can take a nice shower from a local woman who took pity on her.

“Sleeping in the car is hard enough, but at least I’m not alone.”

Dobby sleeps in the passenger seat, Barbie in the back of the car, and Grisselle rests in the driver’s seat. “I’m not afraid because I’m with them,” she says.

The gas station is effectively her “home” – it’s also where she gets her breakfast, while the nearby laundromat is where she cleans her clothes.

“In thirty years that I have been in Spain, I have never seen myself like that, admits Griselle.

She is desperate for a home but says that with all her animals and a tight budget, it’s proving impossible.

She says her old house cost €500 a month. , but since the end of ERTE and after several months without a plane, its budget is down.

“The air hostesses don’t earn anything if we don’t fly, the salary is based on the per diems of the flights,” explains Griselle.

The stewardess hopes to get back on the plane in December, which she hopes will allow her to afford a home for herself and her animals.

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