Starkville buys land to extend airport runway

The Town of Starkville is preparing to extend the runway at George M. Bryan Airport.

After the council of aldermen approved an option contract, he was given the opportunity to purchase the land directly south of the airport, which airport manager Rodney Lincoln said the city was trying to do. since 2012, The Commercial Dispatch reported.

The land would extend the runway length from 5,550 feet (1,676 meters) to 6,550 feet (1,996 meters) and ensure that nothing is built in the immediate vicinity of the airport, Lincoln said.

“I feel really good because now we can extend our runway 1,000 feet,” said Lincoln. “… It will be safer for the plane. “

The city has 45 days to officially purchase the land, Mayor Lynn Spruill said. The board is expected to vote to do so officially at the second regular meeting in January.

The cost of the land is $ 500,000. The Federal Aviation Administration would fund 95% of the purchase price, leaving the city to pay $ 25,000.

“It’s a long project,” Lincoln said of the time spent on the project. “We’ve been working on getting it for a while. “

With the extension of the runway, more planes, especially larger ones, could land at Starkville, Spruill said.

“You have more flexibility with the type of aircraft that can come in,” Spruill said.

Spruill said the project had been underway for some time and that he was happy the current owner was ready to sell the land to the city.

“We are delighted that the owner has chosen to participate with us and make this a reality,” said Spruill.

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