Space news you may have missed last week

Artemis I launch date pushed back to September 27

NASA officials said late Monday that work to repair the source of the giant SLS rocket’s hydrogen leak was continuing and the earliest launch date for the Artemis I lunar mission was pushed back to September 27. .

To recap:

Of course, the timing of the next launch is somewhat dependent on the Space Force, which oversees all launches from the Space Coast. Space Force rules require rockets launched from here to be equipped with a self-destruct mechanism in case a rocket spins out of control.

The SLS system batteries were certified for 25 days, a period that ended on September 6. NASA believes the batteries are still good and has asked the Space Force for a 25-day certification waiver.

If the Space Force refuses the request, the SLS will have to return to the VAB to recertify the self-destruct system.

New Shepard rocket comes to rest while FAA investigates incident

A Blue Origin rocket without a passenger had an anomaly on Monday morning, which triggered the capsule’s emergency shutdown system.

Approximately one minute and four seconds after launch, Blue Origin’s capsule unexpectedly fired its single engine immediately propelling itself away from its rocket booster.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it would investigate the incident and, in accordance with standard procedure, New Shepard’s flights were grounded while it conducted its investigation.

SpaceX continues the frenetic pace of Starlink launches

On September 10, Saturday evening, the launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, carrying 34 Starlink Internet satellites.

SpaceX continues to launch Falcon 9s at a rate not seen during the heyday of the Space Race in the 1960s.

On Saturday, the company launched its 60th Starlink internet satellite mission.

Mission #61 is scheduled for tonight.

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