Southeast Aerospace Receives Certification for Special Mission Operator Station

Southeast Aerospace designed and manufactured the Operator Station as a mounting solution to house mission equipment in the Bell 407 helicopter to support Airborne Law Enforcement (ALE) missions.

The operator station was designed to support the mission of the Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) as its primary focus. Dual monitors provide an expansive viewing area for mission sensors and mapping data, and the operator station cabinet provides space to house a fully integrated mission suite.

The operator station cabinet provides mounting provisions for electrical equipment such as video monitors, communication control panels and recording equipment to be installed by the end user. The mission panel includes provisions for DZUS-mounted equipment as well as a dedicated panel for circuit breakers, switches, and maintenance ports. In addition, it is equipped with a flip-up keyboard tray, installed on the left side of the operator’s station, which can be folded and stored securely with a quarter-turn latch for taxi, take-off and landing operations. landing.

The SEA operator station replaces the rear-facing left passenger seat of the Bell 407, retaining three passenger seats in the aft cabin. The existing rear-facing passenger seat on the left side is removed and replaced as part of the modification.

Nathan Hernandez, Director of Business Development, said, “By having certified options, we can help agencies access high-quality products while continuing to work with their local avionics modification team. We look forward to offering more options as we continue to develop and certify additional products.”

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