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The stewardess The Season 2 finale has now come and gone on HBO Max, and the biggest surprise is actually how positive it is.

After a season full of lies and struggling to maintain her sobriety and sanity, by the end of the finale, Cassie finally came to terms with who she was. She accepted her flaws and recognized that all the doubles she saw in her head were just different dimensions of her personality. She let them all in, acknowledging of course that Dot had betrayed her and that Jenny wanted her dead. It was a lot to take in! Yet she did all of that and now she can start moving forward.

So what has Kaley Cuoco’s character learned through this whole ordeal? Speaking a bit about it in a new interview with TV InsiderHere’s some of what executive producer Steve Yockey had to say:

I think she is learning. In Season 1, she really had to learn how to be a best friend to Annie, and that friendship really stood the test in Season 2 in a way that we were very happy to show. His friendship with Shane [Griffin Matthews] Probably going to need a little more time to recover, but they seem to be on the right track, if she can just stop telling everyone he’s in the CIA. I think she’s learned that she needs to shut up a bit more. Whether she does or not, we’ll have to see.

Of course we love the show when Cassie doesn’t keep some of those secrets, so hopefully there’s a good balance here. In general, one of the highlights of this show is that we can often relate to Cassie, who is clearly a fish out of water in this otherwise crazy world. We hope there will always be an element of that.

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