‘She-Hulk’ Episode 5: What Was Left on the Cutting Room Floor?

She-Hulk: LawyerThe latest episode of had a mid-credits teaser…and yet doesn’t.

This means that after the end of episode 5, there were no live action tags or shots – although among the courtroom sketch artist style illustrations that serve from backdrop to end credits, we got to “see” Nikki accompanying Pug on his hunt for the coveted Iron Man Three sneakers.

Spyed among the exposed drip wall, it was easy to spot shoes inspired by the costumes of Black Panther, Captain Marvel, the X-Men’s Cyclops, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four’s The Thing, among others .

TVLine asked Anu Valia, the director of episodes 5, 6 and 7, if there had ever been a plan to film Pug (played by Josh Segarra) and Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) during this fun outing, and it was been abandoned for some reason. “Of them shopping?” No. No, she replied. “It was just a pleasure [callback]to the exchange of favors the co-workers had done earlier in the episode.

Valia then echoed what head writer/EP Jessica Gao previously told us that “not every episode” gets a proper mid-credits scene.

As for the curious choice of superheroes to be conjured up by the sneakers on display – including, as noted, some from franchises (X-Men, Fantastic Four) that have yet to be fully revived by Marvel – Valia explained, “I can’t speak to that ‘because’ all those easter eggs in this drawing, a lot of other minds contributed to it, and not me. So I can’t really talk about it.

Since Episode 5 was largely a standard sitcom, TVLine asked Valia if one or the other two episodes she directed were more action-packed. “We’ll have to see,” she hesitated. “They’re all very different…I feel like the next episodes are a lot of fun. I hope people will have fun with them.

Speaking about what made Episode 5 distinct, Valia noted that “going on a little adventure” with Nikki and Pug to visit the “drip broker” (and rack up Avongers products along the way) “was a lot of fun. , see the two of them together.

“Ginger Gonzaga and Josh Segarra have such a gorgeous chemistry,” exclaimed the director. “There is a plot things that are on the floor of the editing room, a lot of things didn’t happen. It was great fun working with them.

She-Hulk LukeValia also praised how Griffin Matthews (The stewardess) went “all in” with his debut as superpowered star fashion designer Luke Jacobson.

“What he brings to Luke Jacobson is incredible,” Valia said. “It’s also too much fun to introduce these characters and do the right thing.”

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