Scoot investigating video of shirtless men partying with flight attendant in flight

Singapore – What goes up on the internet stays on the internet, as a TikToker might find out. Even if it is withdrawn later.

His video shows him partying shirtless and without a mask, with copious amounts of alcohol on a Scoot Fleet plane.

The video has since been removed from her account, but not before it went viral. Apparently it has been viewed over 600,000 times.

This has now triggered an investigation from Scoot. Video of the party was uploaded to the Zabination TikTok account, although details regarding the theft and the incident are unknown.

The airline said on January 4 that it was investigating the incident, The times of the straits (ST) reported.

The 15-second video shows a woman in what appears to be a black and yellow Scoot flight attendant uniform with a mask, face shield and gloves, laughing at the antics of two shirtless, unmasked Caucasian men, even as she holds a finger to her lips, apparently trying to calm them down.

Liquor bottles, first full and then empty, are also visible in the clip.

The men certainly seem to be having fun.

A Scoot spokesperson told ST: “Scoot places the highest importance on the safety and well-being of passengers and crew. We are aware of the edited video posted on social media and are investigating to establish the facts. “

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Singapore Coconut contacted Mr. Marcin Zabinski, who is behind the Zabination account. He said the video, which had been viewed 600,000 times, was for fun, but that he removed it in one day, after the “many disgusting comments” were made about the hostess at the hotel. ‘air.

Coconuts said the flight attendant had spoken to Scoot before.

“This video was just for entertainment purposes. The news is false. Scoot has already accepted the flight attendant’s explanation, ”Zabinski reportedly said. / TISG

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