Sawyer International Airport provides vacation travel update

KI SAWYER, Mich. (WLUC) – Sawyer International Airport has been the busiest for two years.

Since October, the airport has seen more than 350 people pass every day. In the last holiday season, less than half of that number traveled. “For 2021 compared to 2020, we’re hitting over 100% with a 120% increase, and then comparing that to 2019, we’ve actually increased by a few hundred passengers,” Murray said.

Every day, Sawyer International Airport offers flights to and from Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis. Because it’s a smaller airport, deputy airport manager Megan Murray says some people think they can show up at the last minute and still catch their plane. “A big misconception is that you can come fairly quickly before your flight for a departure, but it is recommended that you come an hour and a half before to two hours before departure,” says Murray.

This is especially true during the holiday season, when traffic is usually higher than at other times of the year. Murray adds that showing up early for your flight makes it easier for understaffed TSA staff to get you through security. “We encourage the public to be patient with airport, airline and TSA employees as they are a little more stressed about staff shortages, but they still manage things very well,” Murray said.

The airport is taking extra precautions to help it stay open in winter conditions. “We are in the early years of using a liquid deicing agent on the runway,” Murray notes. “We use it in combination with sand.”

Federal law requires the wearing of masks at airports and on planes. Expect to wear one at Sawyer International and on any of your flights this holiday season.

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