Return to pre-pandemic levels at the Augusta Regional Airport

AUGYSTA, Georgia (WJBF) – Hugs and holiday cheer – just a few of the things you’ll see at the Augusta Regional Airport this week.

“We are happy to see the passengers leaving,” said Lauren Smith, public relations and customer service manager at the Augusta Regional Airport.

It had been two years since the airport was busy during the holiday season. Travel to the Augusta regional airport has returned to pre-pandemic levels. Smith says the flights are 90 percent full.

“Even though we are a small regional airport, we always ask passengers to exit 90 to 120 minutes before their departure time. Give yourself plenty of time to travel, check in, and go through TSA.

Augusta Regional is launching two new upgrades. He added two baggage carousels “which allow for larger bags, increased capacity and greater reliability”. The airport has also installed a new security system that separates the public side of the airport from the gates. It is designed to ensure that no one can gain access to the doors if they have not passed security checks. Arriving passengers will go through the security system upon exiting the terminal.

“The main purpose of this equipment is to help prevent breaches. If someone on the public side tried to access the secure side, the alarms would go off. “

This week’s trip comes just days after a security alert at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, where a gun accidentally detonated in the TSA’s control area. Smith says Augusta Regional has policies in place to prevent guns from going through security. The TSA found four weapons during its screenings this year.

“Safety is always our top priority here in Augusta. We take this into consideration in everything we do.

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