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Two tanks called fire pots outside the airplane simulator are filled with water and connected to a propane gas supply. The gas is ignited and the amount of fuel flowing through the pipes is controlled by a valve.

As the airport’s two ARFF firefighting vehicles approach the simulator, crews pump out propane, allowing large flames to escape. ARFF trucks pump large amounts of water to extinguish fire

“There are sensors inside the fireboxes, so when we cool it to a certain level, the fire will go out,” Goodart said.

The skill levels needed to fight aircraft fires are very specialized compared to traditional firefighting. Goodart said the RCFD has 13 ARFF certified firefighters.

“The biggest difference is that you are dealing with an airplane that is going to have a lot of people on board and the other thing is that we are mainly dealing with fuel fires here – airplane fuel versus traditional fuels like wood. and grass. Fuel fires have to be fought in a completely different function, “Goodart said.

In addition to the live-fire exercise, Station 8 firefighters spend time in the classroom learning new techniques and updated protocols for fighting aircraft fires. Goodart said the formations are vital because that is not often where the crew has to deal with a plane fire.

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