Porto Itapoá implements Navis Smart Berth Window Management to centralize, digitize and standardize berth planning processes

OAKLAND, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Navis, the provider of operational technologies and services that improve the performance and efficiency of leading organizations in the global shipping industry, announced that its long-time customer N4, Porto Itapoá, has added and upgraded successfully implemented its dock window management solution to improve berth planning and execution decisions and reduce inefficiency.

Completing its 10th year of operation in June 2021, Porto Itapoá is one of the largest and most important port terminals in Brazil and is considered one of the most agile and efficient terminals in Latin America. Its strategic location on the north coast of Santa Catarina – acting as an important link for the country’s supply chains with the rest of the world – and its ability to handle the largest vessels operating in Brazil are at the heart of its success. In the first half of the year, the port saw a 40% increase in imports and an 11% increase in container traffic, handling a total of 238,000 containers in the first six months of 2021.

Porto Itapoá has invested in Navis’ docking window management solution to reduce inefficiencies in verifying information from many disparate sources before confirming final docking plans. Port Itapoá chose Navis’ solution because it:

  • Allows terminal operators to digitize their docking window plan, improving docking planning and execution decisions and reducing inefficiency.

  • Allows terminal operators to easily schedule berthing windows with pro forma management, and compare and manage ship port stays against ship time stamps.

  • Allows terminal operators to share the mooring plan with key customers, partners and authorities to enable self-service.

“When it comes to optimizing the berth planning process, Navis’ solution has been a clear winner for us,” said Thiago Manoel dos Santos, Director of Operations, Porto Itapoá. “Within a month, we were able to implement the solution that will not only remove much of the uncertainty inherent in planning the vessel mooring program, but will also allow us to reduce the time spent on these. activities, maximize dock space in a safer and more efficient manner. process more ships while reducing the total cost per trip.

“With the aim of providing visibility and ease of access to information and optimizing port operations, we were delighted to support Porto Itapoá in the implementation of Navis Berth Window Management”, said Carlos Lopez Barbera, Vice President of Product Management at Navis. “Most of the planning of ships and berths in the marine industry is still done manually. The digitization of a large Latin American port has therefore enabled the terminal to eliminate tedious tasks and gain visibility into real-time information and data.

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