PCR testing in Cork: ‘Chaos’ at Cork testing center as people line up in windy conditions and heavy rains

Rebels slam Cork Airport testing service as people wait hours in the rain for a Covid swab

Cork Airport’s RocDoc test center has come under fire after people in need of Covid testing waited hours in a crowded parking lot for a swab.

The HSE used the new private RocDoc testing facility at the airport to alleviate the huge demand for PCR testing in Cork.

Over the past few days, people have criticized the service, saying they waited until three hours past their appointment time.

People have criticized the service’s delivery, saying those who get a private, paid test are seen quickly, while those who are tested through the HSE face hours of waiting in a rainy parking lot.

Speaking to Twitter, one person said they waited 2.5 hours for a PCR test provided by the HSE on Wednesday.

“I just stood in line for 2:30 in the cold to take a PCR test”

“When I enter the building, I see one in seven treatment offices open! “

“I had an appointment for 2:10 like many others.

“It’s a shame and a way to get COVID if I happen to be negative,” they added.

Another user said she brought her two symptomatic children for an HSE test at the center on Wednesday – “It was a mess. Hours of queuing in the parking lot while cars tried to park,” said declared the mother.

Another wrote: ‘Disgusting scenes at the Cork Airport test center,

“Arrive on time for an appointment and be told you need to join a 45-minute line in the rain.” What is the point of giving appointment hours? “

Another said: “I just stood in line at the Cork Airport test center for over 2 hours. My appointment was at 2:10 am and I just left at 4:35 am.

Another called the situation “chaos”, saying people are tested “out of order”.

“I wait in the cold 50 minutes for my 10:30 am slot… and the family with the 11am slot have been taken before me,” she wrote.

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