Panic on the runway: More than 130 passengers flee in terror from a plane in Brazil after flight attendants shout it was going to explode (VIDEO)

The 132 passengers of Brazilian airline Azul flight 2751 experienced a moment of grief and horror at dawn on Thursday, when the plane’s crew warned them amid screams to leave the plane. at once.

The incident occurred at Merechan Rondón International Airport in the Brazilian city of Cuiabá, in Mato Grosso, in the south of the country, around 2 a.m., when the passengers were already on board and the plane was about to take off.

According to media premises, after receiving the warning from the crew, the passengers ran desperately towards the security barriers to jump in the emergency slides while the aircraft’s turbines were still running, a Airbus 320 which was intended for the city of Guarulhos, in Sao Paulo.

In the videos recorded by the passengers and published by the Brazilian media, we can see how desperation and panic seize the passengers as they crowd the corridor looking for the emergency exit to jump onto the airport runway, which must have crippled their work for more than two hours.

The local environment JP clarified that the company that manages the Terminal Aeropuerto Centro Oeste (COA) indicated that During the evacuation, several passengers were injured with minor abrasions and that two women, a pregnant woman severely affected by the incident and another with an ankle injury, were taken to hospital.

Likewise, the media adds that the airline sent a press release to regret what happened and to inform that it is providing all necessary support to its customers. He also confirmed that the plane had to abort take-off due to an electrical failure that was presented, which is why the captain proceeded to evacuate the aircraft, which is now under maintenance and under investigation.

Direct witnesses

Passenger Juliana Amorim told local media G1 that the difficulties arose both because they could not open one of the escape doors, and because of the problems that the rear slide presented during the escape.

The hostesses started to say that the plane was going to explode, that the plane had to be evacuated and this caused despair. No one could open the door, ”Amorim recalls.

The woman adds that during the evacuation she saw many wounded, because the rear slide did not touch the ground. “When I came down the slide the turbine was runningMaybe that’s why the slide didn’t open completely “and there were people falling from above,” he explains.

Wenderson Campos, another passenger who was traveling with his wife and son, told the outlet that the plane came to a sudden stop before the flight attendant yelled at them to get out immediately, amid the smoke and from the smell of burning.

People started to push and I was with a child. They all went down the slide, behind the turbine. I went downstairs and left my baby and went back to get my wife and she fell and hurt herself. Another woman broke her foot and a pregnant woman felt terrible. There was only one ambulance, ”he says.

His wife, Natalya do Nascimento Campos, said that help took a long time to arrive. “People didn’t know what had happened and didn’t know how to convey what was going on,” he adds.

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