Pangea succeeds Check2Fly at Israel airport, prices go up

Just as Israel is reopening its doors to individual tourists, a new company, Pangea, will take over from Check2Fly at Ben Gurion Airport.

Pangea is moving in on November 1 and will work alongside Check2Fly for three weeks at Terminal 1. Then on November 21 Check2Fly will cease operating at the airport and will instead open a nearby test complex.

Check2Fly, which is cooperated by Omega and Rambam Health Care Campus, is ousted from providing testing for outgoing passengers after a months-long legal battle that began when the companies won a tender from the Airport Authority to ‘Israel to provide testing for both departures and arriving travelers.

Pangea, the company in second place, appealed to the court, claiming that Omega did not meet the criteria for the Airport Authority’s tender.

Due to Pangea’s appeal, the court returned the offer to the Airport Authority. First, the authority canceled its tender for inbound passengers and handed it over to the Ministry of Health, which ousted Check2Fly on June 15 and replaced it with Test & Go, operated by Femi Premium.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz at the COVID test site at Ben Gurion Airport (Credit: TAL OZ / MINISTER OF DEFENSE)

In addition, the authority offered Pangea to take over from Omega for outgoing passengers, which led to an additional legal battle that was only recently completed.

Omega was the cheapest airline and was therefore selected for the first time by the airport.

For a test that takes 14 hours from screening to results, the price was NIS 40. For a test that only took four hours, it was 120 NIS.

Now prices will go up, Globes reported, to 89 NIS for a slower test and 149 NIS for a quick test.

As Check2Fly leaves the airport, it will expand further across the country, including recently opening a new test station at Azrieli Mall and another at Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv from November 3. The shopping center complexes will operate six days a week. Rapid tests will cost 135 NIS.

Additionally, new complexes are expected on Habarzel Street in Tel Aviv and Ramat Hachayal, with plans to expand further in the weeks and months to come.

“I have no doubt that (…) opening more posts will make it easier for people to come and go from Israel and provide the best and highest quality service for the benefit of maintaining national health security,” said Lily Nankin, CEO of Omega.

The company said its tests will continue to meet all requirements for travelers wanting to test before flying overseas.

Not all travelers are required to pass a test to board an aircraft abroad; it depends on the rules of the country to which an individual is flying. However, all incoming travelers to Israel are required to take a test within 72 hours of arriving in the country.

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