One thing you should never say to a flight attendant

There are many things you should avoid saying in an airport or on a plane, if you don’t want to get kicked off a flight. A woman in the United States recently found out the hard way.

Joke about bombs. Pretending madness. Join the mile high tattoo club. Start a fight. Show your weapons. Using the “call button” to ask a flight attendant to bring you an extra packet of crisps… There are a lot of things you shouldn’t do on a flight. But there’s one more thing you should add to that list, as an American woman recently discovered: Asking a flight attendant for her name, then saying, “You might not get a job. tomorrow.”

That’s right: according to a video on TikTok by user @lockedinout, a woman did just that and only received dessert. Allow us to set the scene. The video begins with a woman, nicknamed Karen for the purposes of the videosaying “I’m not sitting next to a crying baby.”

Watch: Karen argues with the flight attendant in the video below

Another person, possibly the mother, can be heard responding, “He’s not going to cry all the time. A stewardess then intervenes, saying, “We can put you on the next flight,” à la “Karen” who was complaining.

Karen’s demeanor changes instantly: “No, I can’t. I’m going to work.” The stewardess replies, “Okay then, sit down here.” The video continues: “Right here.”

“I want your name,” Karen said. The stewardess repeats herself, then gives her name: “Right here. Tabitha 976.”

“Thank you Tabitha. You might not have a job tomorrow,” Karen replies.

This triggers the response: “I want this lady to get off the plane.” To which Karen replies, “No, I can’t! I can’t Tabitha.

The exchange continues: “She was screaming at the baby.” Cue: “I’m going to shut up now please, I’m sorry. I was really stressed.”

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Now Karen (as we dubbed her) has had her name and image removed from the [New York State] council’s official website and she was furloughed, claims the video’s maker. It’s not entirely clear if this part of the video is referring to “Karen”, but that seems the most likely scenario.

The majority of comments on TikTok seemed to be in favor of the stewardess. Image via TikTok.

The bulk of comments on social media labeled the woman’s alleged fate karma, with many rushing to support the flight attendant. All we can say is that we can see why airlines are now training flight attendants to kick passengers’ ass. We can really be a pain sometimes, it seems.

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