Multi-million dollar plan in store for San Antonio International Airport by 2040

SAN ANTONIO – The City of San Antonio’s Aviation Department hopes to modernize and expand San Antonio International Airport with a multi-million dollar plan that executives hope to have completed by 2040.

The city has named the plan “The Airport You Deserve”. Officials say the growth will be specifically designed to accommodate the city’s projected growth of 4 million people in 20 years.

The first days of the pandemic interrupted the plan, but it is now in full swing.

“It’s one of the beauties of working in the airport industry,” said Jesus Saenz, director of the aviation department. “You are never done. You are still working and you are still planning. We want to make sure we have the right aerodrome for the future. We are looking at the terminal complex and the total number of doors and the capacity of where we need to expand. “

This also includes an upgrade to parking and ground transportation and upgrades to Terminals A and B.

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“Trying to reach other international destinations,” he said. “Looking at the level of service and services we provide in the terminal complexes. We will improve all of this.

City officials say that on average, the number of passengers at the airport is around 10 million per year. By 2040, they predict that number will increase to 15 million or more.

The first phase will also include the addition of Terminal C with more parking, ground transportation and technology upgrades.

In total, the city plans to spend between $ 800 million and $ 950 million, which would be funded by passenger fees, Federal Aviation Administration funds, airport bonds and grants.

During an open house itself, several people came to see the plans.

“My main concern is noise,” said Mark Moore, who lives next to the airport. “I am here for the sanity of my neighborhood and for peace and quiet while maintaining a working relationship with the airport.”

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Another resident said he hoped San Antonio’s artistic culture was factored into the design.

“One of San Antonio’s calling cards is its beauty,” said David Matiella. “I think there is a consideration when it comes to the arts of San Antonio, and I think if you bring that same level of design and imagination, you can surprise and impress people in their first impression when they arrive at the airport. “

The 2040 plan has been in the works since 2018.

Since then, city officials have adjusted their plans as people raise concerns in public meetings.

“The size of the terminals,” Saenz said. “How to make them bigger and make sure we have enough doors, and how to make sure we have enough capacity for international traffic and future international traffic and to grow up to that.”

Another open house will take place virtually this Thursday.

You can find out how to watch the live broadcast and submit your concerns on the airport’s website at

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The aviation department will present the plans to city council on November 10.

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