MissionGO Joins Matador UAS Consortium to Serve Patients and Rural Communities in Texas and Oklahoma

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BALTIMORE, Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MissionGO Unmanned Systems, a leader in the production and operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), joins the Matador UAS Consortium, an industry and academic partnership improving communities rural areas through BVLOS UAS operations. From November 14-18, the Consortium will present recommendations from the Aviation Regulatory Committee (ARC) to leverage protected airspace to create safe corridors that connect rural communities to major metropolitan areas.

The consortium’s goal is to provide direct benefits to patients and rural communities in Texas and Oklahoma by using innovative solutions to make everyday life easier.

MissionGO becomes a leading operator of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and will perform critical infrastructure inspections and demonstrations, as well as a regular clinical route for prescriptions and medical deliveries. Additionally, MissionGO will be leading several STEM demos for local K-12 schools and higher education programs during the week to introduce students to the UAS industry.

“We hope that by showing how these UAS operations should and can be done, we create something that can be replicated in the many rural communities across the United States and around the world,” says Chris Corgnati, President of MissionGO.

MissionGO is proud to also work alongside the dedicated partners of the Matador UAS Consortium, including two of our sister companies, MediGO and AlarisPro. MediGO will use its award-winning healthcare logistics platform, Scoutline™, to provide real-time precision data on clinic pathways and organ transport so donation and transplant teams can accurately monitor the transportation, adjusting plans to account for potential delays, making informed decisions in advancing medical procedures, and ultimately ensuring that each donation’s journey is optimized for transplantation. AlarisPro provides UAS operations and reliability data to assess unmanned aircraft performance and predict the reliability of future BVLOS operations.

Learn more about the Matador UAS Consortium and the plan at: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/597643364/overcoming-healthcare-inequities-and-enhancing-rural-communities-through-uas-operations

About Mission GOMissionGO is a leading provider of UAS solutions and services. Formed by the professionals responsible for the first successful delivery of human organs used in transplant surgery via UAS and taking the first single-rotor UAS through the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS type certification and production process, MissionGO has pioneered the UAS industry in innovating critical infrastructure inspections, medical and commercial cargo delivery, training and implementing UAS programs. MissionGO is a holding company within JSP Ventures. Learn more at www.missiongo.io.

About JSP Ventures

JSP Ventures is a founder of visionary brands. Through long-term capital investments and strategic directions, JSP Ventures fuels the growth of industries such as logistics and supply chain, medical and healthcare, unmanned aircraft systems, etc Guided by a mission to improve communities and improve lives, JSP Ventures has invested $20 million in personal capital to create lasting, positive change. Learn more at www.jspventures.com.

The cargo delivery research and demonstrations conducted by MissionGO would not be possible without the collaboration and integrations with sister companies, MediGO, a digital healthcare supply chain company enabling the community to donate and organ transplantation to more effectively manage resources and communications to reduce inequities and save more lives, and AlarisPro, a fleet management and maintenance tracking platform that provides pilots and crew with information on airworthiness, aircraft readiness, pilot qualifications and maintenance data to ensure safe operations.

Media contact: Megan CroutE-mail: [email protected]Web: www.missiongo.io

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