MBTA will close the Blue Line from the airport to Government Center stations next month

At a community meeting, Adam Kamoune of MBTA announced bad news for commuters.

During the meeting, Kamoune said that the MBTA will close the Blue Line for almost two weeks between the airport and the government center from Saturday April 2 to Thursday April 14 for port tunnel repair works.

“The bad news is that we have to divert the Blue Line from April 2 to April 14,” Kamoune said. “The MBTA is currently replacing 1800 feet of track, but the good news is that this work is going to make the tunnel much more resilient and less prone to some of the concerns we hear from people in the environmental community. This work will also make our service a bit more reliable in the future.

Kamoune said part of the work includes a lot of inspection of the tunnel, repair of tunnel lighting, installation of fiber optic cables, removal of abandoned cables that exist in the tunnel.

“We also do signal repairs, which is a major source of problems on the Blue Line when there are so-called ‘blind delays,'” Kamoune said. we have in the tunnel, especially because it goes under the port.”

Kamoune said Eastie commuters will have to use shuttles from the airport to Bowdoin, but buses will stop at Maverick, Aquarium, State Street and Government Center. .

“So during this time we will be transporting people from the airport station to Bowdoin,” Kamoune said. “So you’ll have a regular train service from the airport in Wonderland to Revere. The only caveat I will add is that we are offering a new bus route. So normally what we do is pick people up on Maverick Street, we walk down Chelsea Street, then we loop around to get to the airport station. We heard from the neighborhood that there was a lot of concern about congestion in the streets, especially in the morning.

Kamoune said the MBTA is offering a new route for the shuttle that turns right and goes down Porter Street, then uses the Massport Gate on Porter and Cottage Streets. This gate, when open, provides access along the Masport property to the airport station without using neighborhood streets.

“It would actually save the bus a lot of time and allow MBTA to use fewer buses, which means a lot less emissions from running those buses from the airport to Boston,” he said. -he declares.

Kamoune said express shuttles will serve the airport, aquarium, state (depot only) and government center. Local shuttles will serve the Airport, Maverick, Aquarium, State (depot only) and Government Center.

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