Magnaghi Aeronautica (MA Group) is paving the way for a greener aerospace industry

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the industry by 2050. In order to achieve this goal, the entity recently unveiled its action plan for Aviation Climate, which focuses on identifying the largest contributors to GHG emissions in the United States, as well as more efficient engines and sustainable aviation fuels to pursue. It’s at a time like this that a made-in-Italy company could pave the way for a greener aerospace industry.

In a market dominated by multinational companies, Magnaghi Aeronautica is an Italian company that stands out for its quality in the design, certification, production and subsequent marketing of landing gear systems, equipment, hydraulic systems and electronics for aerospace use. According to Paolo Graziano, CEO and President of the company, it is the typical Italian ingenuity, technical skills and technological research that allow MA Group to compete with enormously larger American or Chinese companies.

Over the past few years, Magnaghi Aeronautica (MA Group) has constantly worked to keep up with the environmental agenda. For Graziano, it is no longer a choice, but a duty that every company should have in its pipeline. “Committing to safeguarding the planet means respecting future generations by offering them a healthy ecosystem,” says the CEO, adding that the MA Group Landing Green project was created precisely for this reason.

The MA Group Landing Green project includes a series of initiatives aimed at improving recycling processes, reuse and energy savings, as well as adapting the concept of sustainability to the operability of the company for all purposes. . “It is also in the field of research and development that we try to find innovative solutions and the most ‘green’ technologies possible”, adds Graziano, mentioning how these solutions are applied to trucks. “We will probably also produce fully electric aircraft trolleys, which are therefore fully sustainable and technologically advanced.”

In 2022, the MA Group decided to add sustainability to its balance sheet so that it could definitely be marked as an important indicator. After all, these actions and projects that are being implemented deserve special attention, and the company is happy to share the news with its employees and customers. “It is the ability to adapt, to find quick solutions, to respond quickly to customer requests that allows us to be competitive”, concludes Graziano.

More recently, Magnaghi Aeronautica also received the 2022 Best Employer award in Italy, which shows that the company also pays particular attention to the well-being of its employees. “Technology without the skill of technicians to supervise it is useless. Not only do we have technologies and engineering processes that represent the state of the art in our sector, but also highly qualified technicians, whom I know perfectly and who have my absolute confidence,” says the CEO.

And following its remarkable work, the Neapolitan company recently signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin Sikorsky-Boeing to supply fully integrated landing gear systems for the DEFIANT X® helicopter, including nose landing gear and main, rear bumper assembly, extend/retract system with wheels and brakes. According to Graziano, this agreement marks a significant evolution in the MA Group’s global landing gear solutions, as it gives it access to advanced developments in the US defense market.

Magnaghi is the core of MA Group, synonymous with excellence in the aerospace sector. Since its creation, in 1936, until today, the company has conquered the international market, becoming partners of some of the most important aeronautical manufacturers in the world. With offices in Italy, the United States and Brazil, MA Group’s turnover has grown from 19 to 91 million euros over the past 20 years.

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