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Members of the Loudoun County School Board on Tuesday interviewed the seven candidates vying for the seat left vacant following the death of board member Leslee King in August.

Candidates Paul Chen, Daniel Eistert, Andrew Hoyler, Cliff Keirce, Marjo Mitsutomi, Katrecia Nolen and Samuel Yan took turns answering questions about their background and experience, and why they are seeking a position on the board. administration.

As stipulated in the Loudoun County Public Schools’ application guidelines, candidates for office must have proven their eligible voter status and residency in the Broad Run District, along with a curriculum vitae and expression of interest. for the seat with the school board by a deadline of September 24th.

The nominee nominated by the board will represent Broad Run on the body until December 31, 2022.

Mitsutomi – originally from Finland with a doctorate. in Applied Linguistics who has held faculty positions in Japan and California – said in his statement that his research interests have “always attempted to interpret the experiences of learners both to help them and to inform my own teaching” .

“I come here with the intention of listening – to listen, really, really good, with my ear to the ground,” she said, aiming to discern what the needs of the district are.

At 22, Eisert is the youngest candidate to apply for a position in the Broad Run District. He told board members that he graduated from Loudoun County High School in 2017 and graduated summa cum laude from Virginia Tech in May, with a double degree in statistics, computer modeling and analysis. of data.

“I believe in the importance of extracting key insights from data,” he said.

Chen presented himself as “a serious, concerned and committed parent who wants to make a difference in getting our schools back on track.” He said schools in Loudoun should focus on three main goals: providing students with excellent education in math, science, history, English, foreign language, arts and technology; an environment for free thinking and exchanging ideals; and ensure the safety of students.

“We have seen some members of this council conspire among themselves to silence parents who express thoughts contrary to their own,” Chen added.

Kierce spent decades as an air traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration. In his remarks, he praised his “more than 20 years of experience in elected and appointed positions in Loudoun County and Broad Run District, and a set record of non-partisan and bipartisan achievement for our district.”

“The school board needs to be able to get back to the business of the people,” Kierce said. “The division and the chaos must end. “

Hoyler – pilot at PSA Airlines and former lecturer at the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology at Purdue University – highlighted his 12 years of study at LCPS schools and his close connection to the community in his statement of intention.

He said that while campaigning unsuccessfully for the headquarters of Broad Run in 2019, Hoyler was able to “build a strong social network of citizens of the Broad Run District… If I am nominated, I will start with a head start by regards community communications as I’m already a familiar face in the neighborhood.

In his letter indicating his interest in an appointment to the open school board seat, Yan presented his perspective as potentially “the first non-native English speaking member from East Asia in the history of the Loudoun school board” . Yan’s nomination paper also underscores his intention to work closely with Asian-American students, as well as his dedication to STEM fields.

Yan holds computer mathematics degrees from Jilin University in China and a doctorate. in math from Kansas State University, according to his letter.

Nolen’s statement highlights her deep roots in the Broad Run district – she and her husband spent 19 years there and raised three children there, Nolen wrote in her letter. “My background as an engineer, business owner and parent of two current LCPS students provides me with unique skills, perspective and insight to help move our community forward,” she said.

During part of the personal statement from Tuesday’s hearing, Nolen also explained in detail how she was diagnosed with an inflammatory form of breast cancer just before her 30th birthday in 2013. Nolen went on to describe how them neighbors brought her family’s groceries, her children’s daycare offered to provide transportation, and her religious community offered prayers and comfort during her illness.

“It was when we were at the bottom,” said Nolen, referring to his family, “that our community provided a lot of hope and keys to survival. It is with this same energy that I have given back to our community in various ways.

The school board is expected to take action to fill the vacant Broad Run seat at its next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 12, a LCPS spokesperson said by email.

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