Los Angeles City Council wants report on frequent charter planes at Van Nuys airport – Daily News

The Los Angeles City Council has asked Los Angeles World Airports, which operates Van Nuys Airport, and the city attorney to report to the council on steps it could take to deal with a growth in charter flights , in response to complaints from West San Fernando Valley residents. fed up with worsening noise and air pollution, especially since the start of the pandemic.

The city council has requested an analysis of existing regulations regarding charter flights and recommendations for working with lawmakers to address community members’ concerns.

According to a motion the board approved 10-0 on Friday November 4th. The motion also called for analysis of current charter regulations.

In written comments, some residents said Van Nuys Airport was supposed to be a small general aviation airport, but has essentially turned into a commercial airport because people can book charter flights from installation.

“Seats on charter flights are being sold to the public, which was never the intention,” resident Robin Munushian wrote. “This was done behind the backs of the residents who have to endure the constant fumes and hammering of the plane 24/7. Not only are the residents forced to endure the barrage of planes, the noise and broadcasts, but we are not allowed to sleep.

Council did not discuss the issue before voting, but received 20 written comments from residents affected by the increase in charter flight activity. A few people spoke during the public comments before the vote.

One caller, who did not provide his name, called the motion a “vital first step” but said more needed to be done. A few callers have asked the board to adopt a moratorium on Van Nuys airport expansion pending a review of leases they say were approved without the required community input.

Others called for an increase in user fees from flight operators or said the wealthy 1% who can afford private jets or charter flights – which include celebrities – take off or land at Van airport. Nuys while nearby residents have to deal with the negative impacts.

“The exhaust smell is so bad now,” said a caller who did not give his name. ” I am asthmatic. I can’t even stay outside for more than three or four minutes.

Friday’s motion calling for an analysis of existing regulations and legislative remedies that may be available to address residents’ concerns was originally put forward by former councilor Nury Martinez in September before she quit last month because of his role in the latest City Hall scandal involving racist comments during a secretly taped conversation about rigging the city’s redistricting process a year ago. Martinez represented Van Nuys.

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