Lima Airport Partners wins a new terminal construction contract

PERU. Lima Airport Partners (LAP), which operates Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport, awarded the contract for the design and construction of its new terminal to the Inti Punku consortium, made up of infrastructure and development companies Sacyr and Cumbra. The passenger terminal will come into service in 2025.

The signing of the contract took place during a ceremony chaired by the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, accompanied by the Ministers of Transport and Communications, Foreign Trade and Tourism, and Economy and Finance, among others. invited authorities.

President of Peru Pedro Castillo: “This expansion will position the country as one of the main logistics and tourism hubs in the region, allowing the arrival of more tourists and more airlines.

The president said: “We must understand the great importance that Jorge Chávez Airport has for the country, as the main gateway to Peru and, in recent times, a key element in the economic recovery and the struggle against the pandemic. This expansion will position the country as one of the main logistics and tourism hubs in the region, allowing the arrival of more tourists and more airlines.

As indicated, LAP and Lagardère Travel Retail recently entered into a 13-year concession contract based on profit-sharing for the exclusive operation of duty-free shops at the airport from 2022. This will cover the spaces of the new terminal, where the partners plan to “define a new retail experience.”

The selection of the construction consortium followed a process that began in August 2019, with early engagement with recognized companies in the construction industry. In April 2020, interest was solicited from more than 26 recognized national and international companies. In January of this year, the final bidders were selected and participated in a competitive cost and design process. This culminated in July with the submission of technical and economic proposals.

The President welcomes the project agreement with the consortium partners and visits (below) the site of the new terminal

LAP CEO Juan José Salmón said: “For LAP this is the most important milestone in its 20 years of operating the airport and reaffirms our commitment to Peru. Expansion is a key element for economic recovery, as it showcases private investment and the government’s commitment to move forward with world-class infrastructure for the development of the country.

“Despite the challenge of completing an international awards process in the midst of the pandemic and adapting the design to the new global context, we are very proud to move forward to the construction phase and deliver the new terminal to Peru in 2025, positioning Jorge Chavez among the best airports in South America, ”said Anton Aramayo, director of the expansion project.

Miguel Angel Lozano, Inti Punku Project Manager, said: “We are extremely motivated to participate in one of the most iconic infrastructure projects in the country in recent years. We are convinced that the new airport will be a source of pride for all Peruvians who use it and, above all, that visitors and tourists will come to see the wonders of this country.

The Inti Punku consortium is a strategic alliance between Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras, a global infrastructure development company with extensive experience in the airport sector; and Cumbra, one of the main Peruvian construction companies. Currently, the consortium is carrying out the construction of the new aerodrome and a second runway.

LAP, which is controlled by Fraport (80.01%), holds a 30-year concession to manage and develop the airport.

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