Labor Day 2022: Philadelphia International Airport prepares for busiest holiday trips since 2019

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Lines at Philadelphia International Airport, from the tarmac to the ticket office and security checkpoints, are expected to be busy this holiday weekend.

Officials say they are preparing for their busiest Labor Day since 2019, with around 480,000 travelers departing or arriving through their doors.

“I just got back from California and it was a nightmare. Traveling was really tough. So I chose not to go on vacation,” said Diane Chiappe, who landed in Philadelphia on Monday.

“I’m going to Atlanta,” said Darryl Gardner of Coatesville.

Airport officials say the peak days for the bank holiday weekend this year will be Thursday, Friday and Monday.

Labor Day travelers are encouraged to make plans in advance to ensure as smooth an experience as possible.

Here are some travel tips from airport officials:

  • Take a ride to the airport as on-site parking in the garages and the newly reopened economy lot will be limited.
  • You need to check the weather even though it is clear here. Storms in other cities may affect flights arriving and departing from PHL.
  • You should arrive at the airport two and a half or three hours early as the queues, again, should be long.

It’s no secret lately that airports and suppliers are struggling with delays.

“We had to wait forever for our luggage and then our cab never came to Chicago. So that’s really a problem and we said, ‘Let’s stay home for the holidays,'” Chiappe said.

But not everyone had problems.

“This service is always excellent, especially from this airport,” said Shondra Borges of Orlando, Florida.

The one thing travelers were unanimous on was TSA pre-check, say it’s more than worth crossing a crowded airport.

“I have a TSA pre-screening. So it’s super easy. That’s why I’m only here 40 minutes before,” said Abigale Heneghan of Paoli.

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