Kearney Regional Airport Celebrates 2021 Record | Local news

Service to Denver has been extended to two daily flights several days a week, supplemented by daily flights to Chicago.

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“By flying from Kearney Regional Airport, passengers in central Nebraska can enjoy daily non-stop jet service with United Express to Chicago and Denver,” Morgan said. “The success of the airport is very important to Kearney and the surrounding communities.

He said business travel appears to be more prevalent than leisure travel. “There is a lot of business travel. Leisure travel has not fully recovered from COVID. “

Kearney has escaped most of the recent flight cancellations caused by sick crews and weather delays, Morgan said. One reason is that the first daily flight out of Kearney is on an airliner that arrives in Kearney the day before.

“Our first flight from here is in the morning to Denver. We’re not waiting for the plane to get to Kearney, ”so flight crews are normally available. “The critical part is that the plane stays in Kearney overnight,” he said.

The road to a new boarding record has been a bit bumpy due to COVID, but Morgan predicts the annual boarding count will flirt with 28,000 in the years to come.

“We should be in that 28,000 range going forward.”

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