Kaley Cuoco has fans saying the same thing as she salutes an ‘inspirational’ person

Matthew Moore

Kaley Cuoco had fans saying the same thing after the star took to Instagram to congratulate her “inspirational” friend on her birthday.

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She shared two photos of herself with Isaiah Zarate, a 24-year-old who suffers from epidermolysis bullosa (EB). EB refers to a group of rare skin conditions that facilitate the formation of blisters on the skin. Although some cases are mild, others can lead to death while others lead to the need to amputate the affected areas.. There is currently no cure, with treatments focusing on wound healing and pain control.

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Kaley shared two photos of herself with Isaiah, with her kissing him in both photos. The pictures were taken behind the scenes and Kaley donned a velvet dress in a photo and held her pet bunny in the blink of an eye in black and white.

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She raved about her friend in her caption, writing, “This is Isaiah, @redcrocs19. He’s my friend. He has @ebmrf.

“Today is her birthday. He is 24 years old, exceeding all expectations. I love this human and I want nothing more than to continue to be a voice, to raise awareness for him and this disease.

She added: “Please see my bio for more information and happy birthday my sweet friend! You are truly an inspiration to all.


Kaley had touching words for her friend

Fans were quick to head to the comments to wish the 24-year-old a “happy birthday” and many shared heart emojis as well.

Others also praised Kaley for raising awareness about the condition, writing, “@kaleycuoco you are so sweet! Many blessings to you both!!”

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the Flight attendant star always has the sweetest messages for her friends, and earlier this month she wrote a special tribute to her co-star, Zosia Mamet.

The actress shared photos of the two of them during their time together working on the show and beyond for her birthday.


The star always has gushing tributes for those close to her

Along with several sweet and quirky snaps of the two of them posing for a variety of selfies, she shared an emotional post, even opening up about the tough times she’s been through over the past year.

Kaley wrote: “Happy birthday to the unicorn fairy princess who is @zosiamamet!! I’m so grateful you danced in my life and never left.

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“You deserve the whole world. The kind, hilarious, sweet, empathetic, lovable and awesome way of you really touches everyone you meet.

“I don’t know what my life would be like for the past few months, if you weren’t here to tell me to go to work, and it’ll be ok…I love you forever, sister. No one like you my widdle smoosh!! You’ll always be my Cassie’s Annie! Boop!”

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