John David Duggar and his wife talk about the October plane crash

19 Kids & Counting’s John David and Abbie are breaking their silence on the ‘scary’ October plane crash that happened while he was flying.

TLC’s John David Duggar 19 Children and counting fame, and his wife Abbie are ready to talk about the “scaryplane crash they experienced in October 2021. The parents of their daughter Grace, born in January 2020, are no strangers to aviation, with John David holding a flight instructor certification and a commercial license, and Abbie a student pilot license, according to Federal Aviation Administrative Records But these flight enthusiasts had to endure the rather terrifying incident last fall, on which they finally broke their silence.

For John David and Abbie, aviation is an important part of their life and their relationship. In July 2018, after a record-breaking 29-day courtship, John David, Jim Bob and Michelle’s third-eldest child and twin to Jana, proposed to Abbie in a hangar with two planes serving as a backdrop. The theme continued on their wedding day, which saw them snap a number of cute photos of the newlyweds on the airport tarmac. When the couple announced in August 2019 that they were expecting Grace, they naturally did so inside an airplane holding a baby onesie that read, “Infant passenger on board.”


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However, John David and Abbie’s love of flying nearly cost them their lives on October 29 in Waverly, Tennessee. John David was flying a Piper PA-30, acquired by the 32-year-old in July 2020 for use by Medic Corps, a non-profit organization that sends first responders by air to disaster areas, for which he is director of business. . Around 7 p.m., because of what he said, it was “double engine failure“John David was forced to make an emergency landing in a field. Although there were no injuries, the plane suffered”substantial“, according to a National Transportation Safety Board report. In their first statement since the crash, John David and Abbie said Celebuzz they are “so grateful for God’s protection as we all left uninjured when this happened in October.”

They added that “An emergency landing or any type of plane crash is a scary thing, but that’s exactly what pilots are trained to do.. “It seems that John David’s quick thinking and piloting skills prevented what could have been a devastating event. John David and Abbie also expressed their appreciation for the”love and caresent their way. In a post on their joint johnandabbie Instagram to direct followers to their exclusive statement, many fans commented on their relief that John David and Abbie emerged unscathed. Still, a number agreed on the fact that they shouldn’t have felt pressured to release a statement. One commenter said: “Glad you’re all safe, but that’s nobody’s business. Keep living your life your way.”

Given their kindness and sympathy, it’s no surprise that viewers of 19 Children and counting and its fallout counting on worried about the well-being of the couple. For the Duggar Clan, 2021 has been a tough year. John David and Abbie’s plane crash has been able to stay largely out of the public eye, but the same can’t be said for older brother Josh Duggar, who in December was convicted of possession of child pornography. While his actions may have given the rest of the family a bad name, it’s clear that the Duggar fandom still supports those members who remain faith- and family-oriented.

Source: Celebuzz, JohnAndAbbie/Instagram

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