I’m a flight attendant – we hate it when you ask us for water on the plane

The NEXT time you’re thirsty on a plane, you might want to wait to ask for a cup of water.

Flight attendants have revealed that passengers asking for the drink are their biggest pet peeve.


Flight attendants have revealed why they hate being asked to refill people’s water bottles during flightsCredit: Alamy

Reply to a message on Redditflight crew members revealed that people asking them to refill their personal water bottles were becoming extremely common.

One described these passengers as “selfish and cheap” and explained that there was only a certain amount of water on the plane.

They said, “I’m naughty. I tell them I can give them a cup of water and they can put it themselves in the bottle and if I have extra water at the end of the service , I will bring them more .

“It’s so selfish and cheap! Sometimes we cut it with the water and these people want the whole bottle.

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“If I have the mini bottles, that’s what I give during the service to meet those requests.”

Another wrote: ‘Every time someone asked me I would fill it half full depending on the size and tell them I still needed water for the rest of the plane.’

A third flight attendant questioned the logic of waiting to board the plane before asking to have their bottle refilled, especially when there is so much chance of doing so in the terminal.

They said, “My question is still why didn’t they just fill it in the terminal?

“There are water fountains right next to the bathrooms. Many places even have water bottle filling stations.

“They can make a stop and take care of the two before boarding.”

Other flight attendants have previously warned against drinking water on planes, revealing that the tank it is kept in is rarely cleaned.

In a video on TikTok, cabin crew member Cierra Mistt said: “Unless we are really desperate, we will not drink the coffee or tea provided on the plane.

“The water we use for coffee and tea comes from the same place, and guess what? It is never cleaned.

Although airlines tell passengers they carry out “regular water quality tests”, Cierra said it’s not as frequent as you might think.

“We’re told it takes about 6-9 months for a single test on an aircraft to happen, and they’re not going to clean that tank unless they find something.”

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A number of flight attendants agreed that asking for water is annoying


A number of flight attendants agreed that asking for water is annoyingCredit: Alamy

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