I’m a flight attendant – the real reason you need to get your seat and tray in place for takeoff and landing

TRAVELING the world is one of the best things adventurers can do in their free time.

Traveling usually means spending time on airplanes, which means you need to know this important airplane information.


Kat Kamalani shares the real reason why passengers should listen to flight attendants next to their seats and trays1 credit: TikTok/ katkamalani

TikToker and flight attendant Kat Kamalani dropped some serious acquaintance with the aircraft in a video posted on his page.

She explained why it’s so important to put your seat and tray in place when asked to do so by flight attendants.

Kat begins her video by saying, “People always get so pissed off when I tell them to put their seats up!”

It turns out that Kat and the other flight attendants have a valid reason for making this particular announcement during flights.

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She says, “If there’s an emergency… and your seat is back, it’s blocking the exit. [of the passenger behind you].”

Exit is how passengers can escape from an aircraft in the event of a crisis or dire situation.

She continues: “If a fire breaks out in the plane, or if it is in the water, a few seconds [can decide] a life or death situation.

She adds: “It’s the same thing for tray tables. If it’s down, you can’t leave the plane quickly.

The final detail Kat included in her video is why smaller luggage should be pushed under the seat in front of you.

If the plane starts to collapse and your luggage is not stowed properly, your luggage could fly up and hit someone.

Millions of people who travel by air don’t know why such rules are in place.

Kat says it's much harder to escape the plane in an emergency if you leave your tray down


Kat says it’s much harder to escape the plane in an emergency if you leave your tray down1 credit: TikTok/ katkamalani

Social media users in Kat’s comments section are grateful for her willingness to share such insightful information.

One person wrote: “I never knew why you did this! Completely logical.

Another person writes: “You know, they should include this in their speech. People would listen more.

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A third person wrote: “Thanks for the explanation!”

It is obviously much easier for people to follow the rules on airplanes when there are concrete reasons for them.

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