I’m a flight attendant – here are five things you should NEVER do on an airplane

A flight attendant has revealed five things you should never do on a plane.

Tommy Cimato, a flight attendant from Arizona in America, has shared a list of do’s and don’ts for travelers – and they might surprise you.


Thousands of people watched Tommy share his insights and advice on flying1 credit

Top of the list of advice, shared on TikTok, was to never rely on windows.

Tommy said because you don’t know who he touched the window before, you better avoid him.

He added: “You don’t know how many people or children wiped their hands or other things all over the window.”

Tommy also advises against touching the button or level to flush the toilet.

He said: “It’s pretty gross, so when you flush, use a towel or tissue that’s in the toilet.”

The flight attendant also reminds his viewers of the importance of water, especially on long-haul flights, in his next tip.

He said: “Stay hydrated. You want to have about 16 ounces (470ml) for every flight you do.”

The experienced stewardess also stressed the importance of letting staff know if you’re feeling unwell and not keeping it to yourself. He says the attendants are “there to help”.

And finally, in one of the weirdest tips, Tommy advises people not to wear shorts on planes because “you don’t know how clean the plane is”.

He added: “If you have pants, you will have less germs.”

Airline staff have already taken to TikTok to show how dirty some planes can be.

Tommy’s Tiktok received over 653,000 likes and many comments.

He regularly updates his followers on the secrets of air travel.

In a video released this summer, he gave an overview of what all the chimes and noises mean during the flight – and revealed the one you never want to hear.

One of Tommy's top window tips - and why you should steer clear of them


One of Tommy’s top window tips – and why you should steer clear of them1 credit

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